Happy #FeetUpFriday: Our Favorite Teacher Links This Week

Thanksgiving edition.


High five!  You made it to #FeetUpFriday.

This week: We share some Thanksgiving game changers… and toss in a little trivia. Oprah tests our shopping temptations. And (no surprises here) we’re blown away by some inspiring, fellow teachers.

1. Two truths and a lie, Thanksgiving edition.

1 – This Thanksgiving menu-maker is a game changer.

2 – Trader Joes side dishes are all that and a bag of chips.


3 – The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade had animals from the Central Park Zoo – including a real, live unicorn.

** Answer: #3’s not true. Animals from the Central Park Zoo were in the parade, but no unicorns. More fun Thanksgiving trivia here

2. Raise your hand if…

You neeeeeed this sweater too.

Teaching is my favorite


3. Sharing is caring.

Teachers don’t let teachers miss out on awesome Black Friday deals.

The Best 2022 Black Friday Deals for Teachers

4. Why we do what we do.

This teacher’s exercise with her 5th graders left us in tears.

5. Planning a classroom Thanksgiving Feast?

This guide to the rescue.

How to Pull Off a Classroom Thanksgiving Feast

6. Why my Amazon shopping cart is $14,000…

Because I impulsively added everything from Oprah’s Favorite Things List. (A girl can dream, right?!)

7. What I’m watching this weekend.

Without A Net: The Digital Divide In America (The full movie is on YouTube & it’s free!) This new documentary discusses the importance of access to technology in schools across America. It’s directed by Oscar nominee, Rory Kennedy (girl power!) and narrated by Jamie Foxx. Have you seen it yet? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!

8.  Totally inspired by…

@elementary_mindfulness and how she is celebrating difference in her classroom.

This week’s Featured #FeetUpFriday

Shout out to @teaching5thwithmissc. (Talk about clean-desk goals!)

Happy #FeetUpFriday. Have a great weekend!

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