Which Famous Best Friends Are You and Your Teacher BFF?

Are you two more Romy and Michele, or Jack and Karen?

Teacher BFF - Famous Friends

A teacher BFF is a special, wonderful, amazing thing. Standardized testing, dealing with admin, PD, the parents …only a fellow teacher can truly understand everything you go through.

Here are a handful of famous best friend that prove how strong teacher BFF bonds can be. (You can also try your hand at our celebrity BFF quiz here.) Which duos best summarize you and your teacher BFF?

1. Thelma and Louise

This teacher BFF is always up for an adventure. If you have a crazy idea that you need a fellow teacher to try, the answer is always, “I”M IN!”

2. Pete and Goose

Like this famous duo from Top Gun, your teacher BFF in completely in sync with you, and you both work really well side-by-side. You two destroy PD!

3. The Spartan Cheerleaders

You and your teacher BFF march to the beat of your own drum, and it just works. It’s nice having someone who will always go out on a limb with you …like when you rock a themed Halloween costume.

4. Amy and Tina


If your teacher BFF friendship is like Tina and Amy, then you’re always looking out for each other, both personally and professionally. This is the type of BFF that knows your coffee order by heart.

5. Woody and Buzz

You don’t always agree on everything and you can be a bit competitive, but you’re there for each other when it matters most. Your admin knows they can always count on you two coming through.

6. Annie and Lillian

You and your teacher BFF have a deep level of comfort with one another because you’ve known one another for so long. It’s common to find the two of you giggling in the teachers’ lounge.

7. Lucy and Ethel

You and your teacher BFF love new things, adventure, and you’ve both been known to be involved in a shenanigan or two. You both are guaranteed to add color and life to staff meetings.

8. The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff

There’s no one you’d rather be hanging with after school. The two of you probably even run an after-school group together.

9. Jim and Pam

This teacher BFF is pretty much your rock that helps you get through each day. You go to them often for that much-needed laugh (or cry) when you’re struggling with that really tough parent.

10. Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte

Your teacher BFF group is very different from one personality to the next, but as a unit, it’s pure awesomeness. You all are there for one another, texting school reminders and teacher humor 24/7.

11. Harry, Ron, and Hermione

When you have a BFF trio at school, pretty much nothing can stop you. New standardized testing system? You’ll blow it out of the water.

12. Will and Grace

You have completely different strengths and ways of expressing yourself, yet your bond is strong. If you have a bad day (like when a parent complains about you to the principal), your other half knows exactly the right thing to say.

13. Jack and Karen

You both love gossip and have a snarkiness to you that others just don’t quite understand. One thing for sure …the school day wouldn’t be the same without you.

14. The Minions

You seem to have your own unique language with your teacher BFF. While a lot of other teachers don’t understand you, they always do.

15. Joey and Chandler

In a lot of ways, you’re polar opposites, but it doesn’t stop you from offering your support at all costs. You always have each other’s backs at school.

16. Beavis and Butt-Head

Let’s be honest …not everyone appreciates you and your BFF’s humor. You’re the two mumbling jokes at staff meetings, but at least you have someone like you!

17. Bert and Ernie

One of you is serious and studios while the other is silly and energetic. The bottom line is that you make each other better, especially when it comes to being a good teacher for your students.

18. Timon and Pumba

You’re really an unlikely duo. Many people comment that they don’t know how the two of you became friends in the first place. However, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

19. Tom and Jerry

It’s a bit of a love/hate relationship, but this BFF keeps you on your toes. This is a good thing because it helps you be prepared for anything.

20. Lebron and Dwayne

You have the ultimate respect for one another. As teacher BFFs, you speak highly of each other to your students. Because you respect one another, they do, too.

21. Romy and Michele

The two of you together are a force to be reckoned with. You might come off as being oh-so sweet and friendly, but you can both conquer when you need to.