Every English Teacher Will Relate to This Hilarious TikTok Teacher Before Winter Break

I could feel the panic *in my soul*.

Screenshots from TikTok teacher @educatorandrea

Sometimes I feel like @educatorandrea, a high school English teacher on TikTok, is using secret camera footage from my teaching as content inspo. I already felt that way watching her videos about the difference between teaching elementary and secondary. But I audibly gasped watching one of her most recent videos today.

In the TikTok, Andrea walks us through the familiar and painful awkwardness of justifying a common classroom decision to an administrator.

Giving in to a class’s plea to watch a movie during finals

Screenshot from TikTok creator @educatorandrea

When you’re nice and established on another planet in your mind, an admin walks in …

Screenshot from TikTok creator @educatorandrea

The startle is real.

With perfect posture, you suddenly launch into an ad-lib doctoral thesis on The Grinch

Screenshot from TikTok creator @educatorandrea

It’s the hand placement for me. I call these my nervous paws.

And cruelly, your students, for whom you have toiled and sacrificed so much, WILL NOT BE COOL ABOUT IT.

Screenshot from TikTok creator @educatorandrea

Honestly, admin walk-ins for any reason should come with a mandatory 30-minute warning the week before a holiday break.


Check out Andrea’s TikTok and follow her below!


They were ✨not✨ cool. #fyp #teachersoftiktok #teachertok #teacherlife #tiktokteacher

♬ You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Thurl Ravenscroft

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This English teacher TikTok creator walks us through a hilarious and relatable pre-winter break situation we've all encountered.