TEACHER QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your Education Acronyms?

The secret language of educators sometimes sounds like alphabet soup.

How Well Do You Know Your Education Acronyms?

EQ. CBE. KWL. PD. SBG. Education acronyms can easily leave your head spinning. Even the simple ones can make you wonder if someone is talking to you in teacher-speak or just using the latest slang.

Like it or not, education acronyms are now a very real part of our jobs. So I thought we might as well make the best of the situation and try to learn them as best as we can. Try my friendly quiz to help you test your knowledge. (You’re going to have to dig deep on some of these.) How well will you do? Don’t forget to challenge your teacher friends, too. This could be great conversation for your next staff meeting!

Put Your Acronym Knowledge to the Test