Best Websites for Teaching & Learning Drawing

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”—Albert Einstein

Best online tutorials, brain break drawing exercises, and drawing warm-up activities.

Whether you’re a classroom teacher looking for resources to supplement a lesson or to suggest as a free time activity, or an art teacher looking for a resource to beef up your curriculum, we’ve got you covered. Here are twenty free websites for teaching and learning drawing that will help you spark your students’ creativity.

1. Drawspace

Drawspace features online drawing lessons with a printable curriculum used by millions of students and teachers. With hundreds of lessons authored by artists and educators, this site is an art teacher’s dream.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw with Erasers, Draw a Droplet of Water, Draw Dolly the Sheepish Sheep

2. Arty Factory

African masks, aboriginal art, portrait drawing, still lifes, and more: ArtyFactory offers hundreds of drawing lessons that can tie into a plethora of content areas.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw a Tiger, Pop Art Portrait Lesson, Perspective of a Cylinder

3. Art for Kids Hub


Screenshot of drawing website ArtforKidsHub

Art for Kids Hub has a massive drawing library from cupcakes and sharks to robots and the Washington monument. Each lesson has an art supply list and an easy-to-follow video.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw a St. Patrick’s Day French Bulldog, How to Draw an Olympic Bobsled

4. Hello Kids

Screenshot of drawing website HelloKids

From holidays to fairytales, Hello Kids offers tutorials and videos for kids of all ages. Also offered: creative tips and tricks to help kids improve as artists.

Sample Lessons: Drawing Facial Expressions, How to Draw a Pterodactyl, How to Draw a LEGO Ninjago Ninja.

5. Activity Village

Activity Village is a British site with over 420 drawing tutorials, just for kids. Their easy step-by-step method makes drawing easy and fun.

Sample Lessons: Learn to Draw Aussie Animals, Learn to Draw Chinese Zodiac Animals, Learn to Draw Sports Pictures.

6. Art Projects for Kids

Screenshot of drawing website Art Projects for Kids

Find drawing lessons on everything from armadillos to zebra (and about a gazillion things in between) along with tips for teachers from the artist, Kathy Barbro.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw a Cartoon Bird, Easy Food Tutorials, Seasonal and Holiday Drawing Ideas.

7. Drawing Now

Learn how to draw animals, manga, cartoons, and more. Print out their easy-to-use tutorial pages with images and detailed instructions.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw Pokemon, How to Draw the Man of Steel, How to Draw a Dragon.

8. Blue Tadpole Studio

With help from Blue Tadpole Studio, kids will learn the skills and patience that go into creating a work of art.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw a Hermit Crab, How to Draw a Fishing Boat, How to Draw Nemo.

9. Kids Front

Screenshot of drawing website KidsFront

Find out how to draw cartoons and other sketches with KidsFront’s step-by-step drawing lessons, broken down by grade level.

Sample Lessons: Draw a Magpie, Draw a Ship, Draw an Octopus.

10. Easy Drawing Tutorials

Screenshot of drawing website Easy Drawing Tutorials

From Disney princesses and Marvel characters to Fortnite skins and more, Easy Drawing Tutorials is sure to have something for every kid in your class.

Sample Lessons: Draw Anger (From the movie Inside Out), Draw Baby Groot, Draw a Christmas Tree.

11. The Graphics Fairy

Screenshot of drawing website The Graphics Fairy

Karen Watson, aka the Graphics Fairy, curates not only how-to drawing lessons but also 6,000 free vintage images, digital graphics & craft clipart for inspiration.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw 7 Birds, 7 Anatomical Heart Drawings, 5 Fox Drawings.

12. Drawing Coach

Learn how to draw and improve your drawing skills in no time with Drawing Coach’s easy-to-follow drawing lessons.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw Portraits, Introduction to Perspective, Tips and Techniques.

13. Creative Bloq

Easy-to-follow videos and written guides show you how to draw animals, people, flowers, landscapes, and more!

Sample Lessons: How to Draw an Elephant, How to Draw Feathers, How to Draw Eyes.

14. Sparkle Box

Screenshot of drawing website Sparkle Box

Broken down into each specific step, Sparkle Box’s tutorials are perfect for building a foundation of drawing skills for younger kids.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw a Polar Bear, How to Draw a Face, How to Draw a Caterpillar.

15. Let’s Draw Kids

Let’s Draw Kids offers lessons for beginners, young artists, and anyone who has the desire to make art and have fun, no matter their age.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw LEGO Joker, How to Draw a Jellyfish, How to Draw Funny Food.

16. Learn Drawing

Tips for teen artists to improve their skills and build their understanding of basic art concepts. They also offer tips to improve techniques and encourage kids to look at the world like an artist.

Sample Lessons: How to Create Effects Using Color and Pencils, Confused on What to Draw? Here are Some Tips to Start With.

17. NeoK12

Offers short videos for kids of all ages with step-by-step demonstrations of cartoon drawings.

Sample Lessons: Basic Cartoon Styles, How to Draw Hands on a Cartoon, How to Draw the Head on a Cartoon Character.


Screenshot of drawing website

Find daily curated tips and drawing tutorials for kids at all levels. From simple objects to human anatomy, their video lessons and printable guides offer art teachers a broad curriculum to choose from.

Sample Lessons: Basic Hair Drawing Tutorial, Mannequin Basics, How to Draw a Lemur.

19. Kinderart

Screenshot of drawing website KinderArt

Find detailed, developmentally appropriate lessons for students of all ages. In addition, they offer an art club for students in grades K-6.

Sample Lessons: Swirly Bird Nests, Bird’s Eye View Dandelions, Overlapping Shapes.

20. HooplaKids Doodle

Screenshot of drawing website HooplaKidz Doodle

HooplaKids Doodle is one of the many, many drawing tutorial sites available on YouTube. From super fun and easy to more complicated, videos range from 3 to 20 minutes and cover a broad spectrum of interests.

Sample Lessons: How to Draw King Bob the Minion, How to Draw a Glass of Water in 3-D, How to Draw an Amazing Optical Illusion.

What are your favorite drawing websites for the classroom? Share in the comments below! Plus, check out our favorite drawing books for kids.

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Best Websites for Teaching & Learning Drawing