These 20 Dinosaur Activities and Crafts for Kids Are Totally Dino-mite

Dig for bones, make fossils, and more prehistoric fun!

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Dinosaurs are one of the first obsessions for many kids. Once they get started, they just can’t get enough! That’s why we know they’re going to love these dinosaur activities and games. They’re the perfect way to have fun and learn at the same time, in the classroom or at home. Pick a few to try now!

1. Dig into kinetic sand for dinos

Dinosaur Activities

Kinetic sand is so much fun to play with, and it goes perfectly with dinosaur activities. Bury some plastic dinos in the sand and let kids dig them out with small tools and brushes, just like real paleontologists.

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2. Go for a dino stomp

Shoes resembling dinosaur feet

Make a set of cardboard dinosaur feet and let kids stomp and roar to their heart’s content! This is even more fun in the snow or dirt where you can leave giant tracks behind.

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3. Play with personalized finger puppets


Dinosaur finger cutouts

Grab the free printables, then color and decorate these cute little dinos. Stick your fingers through the holes at the bottom, and you’ve got puppets for imaginative play.

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4. Build dinosaur skeletons from pasta

Play-do and dried pasta

Round up a variety of pasta types, then use them to build dinosaur skeletons. Glue them to paper, or press them into clay to make your own fossils.

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5. Learn how clubbed tails work

Dinosaur figurine and lego bricks

Dinos like ankylosaurus had heavy clubbed tails … but why? Kids find out the answer with this simple hands-on experiment.

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6. Move like a dinosaur

DIY die with different dinosaur activities

Kids love dinosaur activities that let them get up and move. Roll the die and do your best dino moves, from a T-Rex twist to a Stegosaurus tail swing.

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7. Sculpt some dino bones

Dinosaur bones made from play-do

Mix up a batch of salt dough and sculpt your own dinosaur bones. Once they’re dry, bury them in some dirt and then excavate!

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8. Compare footprint sizes

Different foot cutouts inside of a dinosaur footprint

We all know some dinosaurs were enormous, but dinosaur activities like this one really make it clear just how huge they were. Measure out a dino footprint, then fill it with kid-sized footprints to see how many it takes.

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9. Create a dinosaur terrarium

Dinosaur toys inside of mason jar

Use model dinosaurs to build adorable little terrarium scenes. Break them down by habitat type and era for deeper learning.

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10. Craft a paper plate dino

Dinosaurs made from paper plates

This easy dinosaur craft is fun for kids to customize with paint, crayons, glitter, or anything else that strikes their fancy. The only limit is their imagination!

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11. Paint with dinosaur tracks

Dinosaur toys used as paintbrush on paper

Make a prehistoric masterpiece! Pull out your favorite toys and use washable paint to make artwork with their tracks.

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12. Sort dinosaurs by type

Dinosaurs sorted into leaf eater and meat eater

There are so many ways to sort dinosaurs: habitat, size, era, diet, and much more. Sort smaller toys in bins; use Hula-Hoops for larger ones like stuffed animals.

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13. Turn cardboard tubes into a skeleton

Dinosaur skeleton made from paper tubes

Hang onto your toilet paper and paper towel tubes, then use them to assemble dinosaur skeletons. Kids will love it!

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14. Wear a dino hat

Dinosaur headband made from paper

This is easily the cutest dinosaur activity around. Kids will get a kick out of tearing around in these cute dino hats, especially if you pair them with the big feet above!

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15. Bake dinosaur footprint cookies

Dinosaur footprint cookies

This is the perfect snack to eat while you’re reading a dinosaur book or watching a documentary together. Learning can be delicious!

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16. Play a game of Tricera-toss

Dinosaur game

Throwing a dinosaur party? Put together a game of Tricera-toss featuring one of the most beloved of dinosaurs.

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17. DIY a dino excavation kit

Dinosaur bones inside of block

You can buy excavation kits, but they’re a little pricey. Save your money and learn how to make your own instead. It’s easier than you’d think!

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18. Create a paper dinosaur

Paper dinosaurs

We know a lot about dinosaur bones, but we’re really not sure what they looked like on the outside. Let kids use their imagination and create their best ideas!

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19. Light the night with dino lanterns

Paper lanterns with silhouettes of dinosaurs

Every dinosaur-loving kid is going to want some of these lanterns for their bedroom. Find out how to make them at the link.

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20. Measure and compare dinosaur sizes

Girl laying down on sidewalk next to chalk lines

Research some of your favorite dinosaurs to find out how tall or long they were. Then measure and compare using sidewalk chalk outside or string inside.

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DIY excavation kits, fossil cookies, and toilet paper tube skeletons are just the beginning of these fun dinosaur activities.