These “Day in the Life” TikToks Show the Reality of Teaching

It’s like getting a day to peek in other schools, but at warp speed!

Screenshots of three teachers as they share a glimpse into the day of a TikTok teacher.

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a teacher really looks like? 

Each day, from speech-language pathologists to high school biology teachers to substitutes, we are presented with unique challenges and rewards. To showcase this, we’ve compiled a list of videos that take a peek into a day in the life of different types of teachers. 

Whether managing a classroom of rowdy high schoolers or working one-on-one with students who need sound practice, these videos offer a glimpse into the diverse world of teaching. 

So, sit back and get ready to see what it’s really like to be a teacher.

A Day in the Life of a Substitute Teacher


When it comes to creativity, even substitute teachers bring their A-game.

Life of a Speech-Language Pathologist


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♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

Life on the go! Follow along with this traveling speech-language pathologist as she helps students across her local area improve their communication skills. No matter where she goes, her passion for helping students shines through!

First-Year Frenzy


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♬ Lifeline (Instrumental) – BLVKSHP

Join us on a roller-coaster ride through a first-year teacher’s debut school year. From juggling lesson plans to managing a classroom, this elementary teacher is rising to the challenge and making a difference in her students’ lives.

Education in “The Land Down Under”


A Day in the life of a year 1/2 Australian Primary School Teacher | Teaching can be such a hard job. The love we have for our students makes everything that much harder sometimes. I hope you all have a team as caring and supportive as I do. – Episode 22 🍏 #adayinthelifeofateacher #adayinthelife #adayinmylife #teacherlife #teacherlif #primaryschoolteacher #primaryteacher #primaryschoolteacherlife #grade1teacher #grade2teacher #year1teacher #year2teacher #year1and2teacher #gradeoneteacher #gradetwoteacher #yearoneteacher #yeartwoteacher #teacherstruggles #teacherbadday

♬ original sound – Miss Mercer

Get a peek at what it’s like to teach in another country with this dedicated primary school teacher from Australia. From morning meetings to math, this teacher is making a difference in the lives of her students even if the day isn’t entirely going her way.

Making a Difference in Middle School


Don’t let situations, circumstances & people, dictate what you bring into an environment. How you do anything is how you do everything. 🤍 #fyp #fypシ #dayinmylife #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #teacher #blackeducator #blackmen #routine #viral

♬ Snooze – SZA

This teacher’s caption is an inspiring reminder: “Don’t let situations, circumstances & people dictate what you bring into an environment.” 

These TikTok teachers have given us an inside look at their jobs, and their stories highlight the hard work, dedication, and creativity required to educate and empower the next generation. Whether they’re breaking the classroom grind or establishing a routine day after day, these educators are making a real difference in their students’ lives. 

We thank them for sharing their journeys with us and hope their stories have inspired and brought a bit of joy to your day.

Which “Day in the Life” TikTok was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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