The Cutest Earrings for Adding a Little Teacher Flair to Any Outfit

Pencil hoops? Paper clip earrings? Yes, please.

Cutest Teacher Earrings to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

Amp up your teacher style with the cutest teacher earrings found on the internet. Add some sparkle to your teacher outfits with school-themed accessories like pencils, crayons, globes, books, and more on earrings. Buy them for yourself, a teacher friend, or as a teacher appreciation gift. Everyone will be asking where you found these fun additions!

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Mini Pencil Posts

Mini yellow pencil post earrings

Who could resist this tiny accessory? They’re subtle enough to add to any wardrobe.

Buy it: Mini Pencil Posts/Etsy

Bus Earrings

Baublebar yellow bus extra credit earrings

Rock the bus lines with these fun drop earrings.


Buy it: Bus Earrings/BaubleBar

Monogram Apple Post Earrings

Custom monogram apple post earrings for teachers

Customize this pair with your monogram for a cute, teacher-ready look.

Buy it: Monogram Apple Post Earrings/Etsy


Pencil Dangle Earrings

Pencil Dangle Earrings

Mixed stones add sparkle to this eye-catching pair.

Buy it: Pencil Dangle Earrings/Macy’s

Mini Macrame Rainbows

Macrame mini rainbow earrings

We are obsessed with this macrame! Choose from so many adorable color options.

Buy it: Mini Macrame Rainbows/Etsy

Globe Earrings

Globe teacher earrings

Globe post earrings will make any social studies teacher smile. Pick these up for a subtle way to show off your passion.

Buy it: Globe Earrings/Amazon

Pencil Mismatch Earrings

Teacher pencil dangle earrings

These adorable mismatched dangle earrings will show off your teacher style.

Buy it: Pencil Mismatch Earrings /Macy’s

Art Palette Earrings

Silver art palette and paint brush earrings

Add some art teacher flair with these mini palette accessories.

Buy it: Art Palette Earrings/Amazon

Stick With It Glue Earrings

Stick with it glue bottle earrings from Baublebar

Art teachers? Super crafty creators? These are perfect for you!

Buy it: Stick With It Glue Earrings/BaubleBar

Pencil Hoops

Pink pencil hoop earrings for teachers

Who doesn’t love a good pair of hoops? These teacher hoops come in pink or gold.

Buy it: Pencil Hoops/Macy’s

Faux Leather Crayon Earrings

Faux leather crayon earrings with 3 layers

This unique design is so fun! Dress up a solid color outfit with this option.

Buy it: Faux Leather Crayon Earrings/Etsy

Book Stack Dangle Earrings

Book stack dangle teacher earrings

These adorable, tiny earrings are made of clay. Plus they’re under $7!

Buy it: Book Stack Dangle Earrings/Amazon

Crayon Box Earrings

Crayola 64 pack dangle earrings

Show your love for the Crayola 64 pack with this fun accessory.

Buy it: Crayon Box Earrings/Etsy

Apple Studs

Apple stud earrings

Not over the teacher apples yet? Us either.

Buy it: Apple Studs/Macy’s

Mix and Match Earring Set

Mix and match earring sets with cute pencil, eraser, apple, glue, crayons

This set made us smile, and it’ll make your student smile too! Mix and match these endearing posts to customize your look.

Buy it: Mix and Match Earring Set/Etsy

Crayon Mismatch Earrings

Crayon mismatched earrings for teachers

With a leverback closure for comfortable wear, these are hard to pass up for an elementary teacher.

Buy it: Crayon Mismatch Earrings/Macy’s

Science Earrings

DNA silver dangle earrings Microscope silver dangle earrings

DNA, microscopes, beakers, and more for your favorite science teachers.

Buy it: Science Earrings/Amazon

Clay Teacher Appreciation Earrings

Clay teacher apple and book earringsArt palette earrings made of clayClay globe and book earrings

These handmade earrings will compliment any teacher outfit! Choose from a variety of adorable designs.

Buy it: Clay Teacher Appreciation Earrings/Etsy

Ticonderoga Earrings

Ticonderoga pencil earrings in different colors

Because Ticonderogas are the only #2 pencils you’ll find in my classroom.

Buy it: Ticonderoga Earrings/Etsy

Piano Earrings

Silver and black piano dangle earrings

For your favorite music teacher!

Buy it: Piano Earrings/Amazon

Personalized Apples

Personalized teacher name on dangle red apple earrings

Looking for some personalization? Look no further with these apple dangles.

Buy it: Personalized Apples/Etsy

Paper Clip Earrings

Silver paper clip earrings

Trendy paper clip earrings are simple, but super fashionable!

Buy it: Paper Clip Earrings/Amazon

Novel Book Earrings

Novel book earrings with pages

Made to look like real novels with pages, these earrings are perfect for any language arts teacher, librarian, or book lover.

Buy it: Novel Book Earrings/Etsy

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The Cutest Earrings for Adding a Little Teacher Flair to Any Outfit