27 Comfortable and Cute Teacher Outfits for 2023-2024

Pick a brand new outfit for your teacher closet!

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Looking to change up your wardrobe this school year? Check out all the fashionable, comfortable, and cute teacher outfits that one of our teacher-writers put together for the 2023-2024 school year. These cute teacher outfits will have you feeling ready to rock the day! Pick out your favorite, and treat yourself to a new addition to your closet (because you deserve it!).

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Skirt, Shirt, and Shacket

Example of a teacher in a store dressing room wearing a long pink print skirt, pink button down shirt, and sandals as an example of cute teacher outfits.

Brooke Naumoff

This look is a great blend of dressy and casual. The skirt is comfortable, sandals are always a win, and the shacket is great for those freezing cold classrooms.

Buy it: White Flutter Sleeve Shirt at Dry Goods, Pink Knit Shacket at Dry Goods, Pink Skirt (similar) at Amazon

Ruffle Dress

Girl posing in mirror wearing blue dress

Brooke Naumoff

I love this dress! I purchased it for the first day of school. Anyone else treat themselves to a first-day-of-school outfit? This dress is the comfiest material. If you’re comfortable in a wedge, the ones linked below are cute, but I also think it would pair well with a flat or sandal. Because unless it’s test day, it’s sandal/flat day.

Buy it: Ruffle Dress at Amazon, Wedges at Altardstate, Sandals at Amazon

Jeans, T-Shirt, and Cardigan

Woman posing in mirror wearing jeans and a cardigan over a striped shirt as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

This look is a Walmart find! I love the fit of the jeans and they are very comfortable. The cardigan is a staple in every teacher’s wardrobe. This outfit is perfect for casual Friday and always makes for one of the cuter teacher outfits.

Buy it: Striped Shirt at Walmart, Wide-Legged Jeans at Walmart, Maroon Cardigan at Walmart

Wide-Legged Dress Pants and Silk Top

Woman posing in mirror wearing white pants and black top

Brooke Naumoff

If you’re at a school that has a fancier dress code, this look is for you! It could also be a great ensemble for a teacher interview. The kitten heels are truly comfortable for work, but you could  sub in flats for heels if you’re looking to dress it down.

Buy it: Black Silk Top at Express, Cream Dress Pants at Express, Kitten Heels at Amazon

Colorful Pants and Checkered Sweater Vest

Woman in mirror wearing a checkered shirt and pink pants as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

Ride the Barbie wave! There are pops of pink in several of these outfits because it seems everywhere you go, Barbie has invaded! I don’t mind it at all. I love brighter colors especially when the weather feels dull. It makes me feel like I am combatting the gloom with my outfits.

Buy it: Pink Wide-Legged Pants at Amazon, Sweater Vest at Dry Goods

Ankle Cargo Pants and Flowy Top

Woman wearing white top and black pants

Brooke Naumoff

This outfit is so comfortable! This is head-to-toe Old Navy. The cargo pants can be cinched at the ankle, and the flowy top is a perfect balance. And add those mules to the cart!

Buy it: Cargo Ankle Pants (similar) at Old Navy, Flowy Top (similar) at Old Navy, Woven Mules at Old Navy

Denim Dress

Woman in mirror wearing denim dress

Brooke Naumoff

I’ve been on the hunt for a good denim dress for a while now. I found this at Express and wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but I love it! It is a heavier denim material and I think the sleeves are so fun.

Buy it: Denim Dress at Express, Denim Dress (similar) at Amazon

Black Dress Pants and Striped Dress Shirt

Woman in mirror wearing black and white striped shirt and black pants as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

I love the classic black-and-white combination. Both the top and pants can be mixed and matched into countless combinations. Swap out sandals for a pair of closed toe shoes, and this is another great outfit option for a teacher interview.

Buy it: Black Dress Pants at Macy’s, Black-and-White Striped Shirt (similar) at Macy’s, Striped Shirt (similar) at Amazon

Printed Pants and Shacket

Woman wearing printed pants and a shacket

Brooke Naumoff

Step outside of your comfort zone and try a bold pant! If you’re shorter (like me), you may need them hemmed, or you can wear them with a boot.

Buy it: Floral Pants at Dry Goods, Pink Shacket at Amazon, Rhinestone Sandals at Amazon

Maxi Dress

Woman wearing blue maxi dress as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

The puffy sleeves, the ruffles, the length of this dress may make you want to glide through the rows of desks like you’re in a beautiful garden collecting flowers in your basket.

Buy it: Puffy Sleeve Maxi Dress at Altardstate

Barbie-Core Pants and White Top

Woman wearing pink pants and white top

Brooke Naumoff

Pixie pants are a perennial teacher favorite! They come in many prints and colors. Pair with a simple top or sweater and you’re all set.

Buy it: Pink Pixie Dress Pants (similar) at Old Navy, White Shirt at Old Navy

Comfy Dress

Woman wearing long black dress as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

I think the reason why I choose dresses so much during the weather-appropriate months is just because they are the easiest option. I just have to think about one piece and I’m all set. This one is like wearing a T-shirt—a big long bed-time T-shirt.

Buy it: Short-Sleeved Tiered Knit Dress at Walmart

Pencil Skirt and Silk Top

Woman wearing black top and skirt

Brooke Naumoff

This is another great outfit for a teacher interview. If your dress code leans more polished and sophisticated, this pencil skirt and peplum shirt is a cute combination.

Buy it: Black Pencil Skirt at Express, Silk Shirt at Express, Pencil Skirt (similar) at Amazon

Pink Silky Pants and Smiley Face Shirt

Woman wearing Pink Silky Pants and Smiley Face Shirt

Brooke Naumoff

If you want to wear pants that feel like pajama pants, these are the winners. Pair with your favorite teacher T-shirt.

Buy it: Pink Silky Pants (similar) at Amazon, Smiley Face Shirt (similar) at Amazon

Ruffle Skirt and Ruffle Shirt

Woman wearing ruffle skirt and shirt as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

If you like the look of a skirt but want one that is less constricting than a pencil skirt, this high-low option is very comfortable.

Buy it: Ruffle Skirt at Dry Goods, Ruffle Shirt (similar) at Amazon

Orange Sweatshirt and Jeans

Woman wearing orange sweatshirt and jeans

Brooke Naumoff

For those casual Fridays at work, add this oversized sweatshirt to your closet. It comes in several colors and is a great fit. Add a new pair of jeans to your cart to put into your denim rotation.

Buy it: Orange Sweatshirt at Old Navy, Skinny Jeans at Old Navy

Floral Dress

Woman wearing floral dress as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

This dress is so pretty! I like the muted color scheme and think the sleeves would allow a cardigan over this dress, if needed. They are not too puffy, and the ruffle detail on the bottom is so cute!

Buy it: Floral Dress at Altard State

Black Dress Pants and Cream Top

Woman wearing black pants and cream top

Brooke Naumoff

I think this look works for all seasons. Everyone needs a good pair of black dress pants!

Buy it: Black Dress Pants at Express, Cream Top (similar) at Express, Cream Heels at Amazon

Cargo Pants and Denim Shirt

Woman wearing cargo pants and denim shirt as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

I love this outfit! This is from Walmart. The denim shirt is so soft and comfortable, as are the cargo pants.

Buy it: Cargo Pants at Walmart, Denim Flutter Sleeve Shirt at Walmart

Floral Dress and Mules

Woman wearing floral dress

Brooke Naumoff

This is an Old Navy look. The dress is almost giving Miss Honey vibes! I love the color and print.

Buy it: Floral Dress (similar) at Old Navy, Camel Woven Mules at Old Navy

Wide-Legged Pants, T-Shirt, and Cardigan

Woman wearing Wide-Legged Pants, T-Shirt, and Cardigan

Brooke Naumoff

Everyone loves comfy pants! These looks always make comfy and cute teacher outfits. The pants are very stretchy and truly feel like pajamas.

Buy it: Linen Blend Pants (similar) at Walmart, Redwoods Shirt at Amazon, Cardigan (similar) at Walmart

Linen Dress

Woman wearing a linen dress as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

I like the length of this dress. I think it would go best with boots for the fall and winter.

Buy it: Puff-Sleeve Print Dress (similar) at Macy’s

Smocked Ruffle Floral Dress

Woman wearing floral dress

Brooke Naumoff

This dress is so cute on its own but could also work with boots and a cardigan.

Buy it: Smocked Ruffle Dress at Altard State

Plaid Dress and Mules

Woman wearing plaid dress as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

I love the yellow plaid on this dress! It has a classic Americana feel to it. Especially paired with those mules.

Buy it: Plaid Dress at Old Navy, Brown Woven Mules at Old Navy

Puff-Sleeved Dress

Woman wearing long dress

Brooke Naumoff

You can’t go wrong with a maxi-dress like this, they make such cute teacher outfits! This option could also be good for teachers who are expecting.

Buy it: Puff-Sleeved Dress at Altard State

Fun Top and Dress Pants

Woman wearing black pants and ruffle shirt as an example of cute teacher outfits

Brooke Naumoff

I have these dress pants from Target in several colors. They are some of my favorites. I love how sometimes a fun sleeve is all it takes to make a statement.

Buy it: Flutter-Sleeve Top at Target, Dress Pants at Target, Black Sandals at Target

Printed Pants and Mules

Woman wearing black shirt and plaid pants

Brooke Naumoff

Here are those same dress pants again from Target in a different print. Stock up! I think the shades of cream are so pretty. Target also carries many different options for mules, which would work great at the start of the year.

Buy it: Cream and Black Plaid Dress Pants at Target, White Mules at Target

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