The Best Pencil Pouches for Teachers & Students

Pencils, pens, notes, and snacks… these student and teacher pencil pouches can hold it all.

Rainbow pencil pouches and boba pencil pouches

With options for students and teachers, show off your style with these irresistible pencil pouch designs. Pens, pencils, sanitizer, note papers, and more will be at your fingertips in these cute pencil pouches. We got all of your pencil pouch needs covered with multipacks for your entire class, personalized pouches, and stylish options too!

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Multipack Pencil Pouches

Colored Pouch Multipack

multipack of colored pencil pouches

Pick up this Amazon Choice with 40 mesh pouches for $30!

Buy it: Colored Pouch Multipack/Amazon

Clear 3-Ring Pouches

Clear 3-ring pencil cases

Easily see what’s inside these cases and add them into any 3 ring binder. Pick up a case of 24, and each costs only $1!


Buy it: Clear 3-Ring Pouches/Dollar Tree

Zipper Binder Pouches

Zipper Binder pencil cases

Pick up these colored zipper pouches by the case from Dollar Tree.

Buy it: Zipper Binder Pouches/Dollar Tree


Blank Canvas Pouches

blank canvas pencil pouches tan

Customize these from your students, or have them create their own with fabric markers! Your classroom with be filled with cute pencil pouches.

Buy it: Blank Canvas Pouches/Amazon

Cloth Pencil Pouches

Cloth colored pencil pouches

Opt for cloth, colored pouches that can also be customized for each student with fabric markers.

Buy it: Cloth Pencil Pouches/Amazon

Personalized Pencil Pouches

Personalized 3-Ring Pouch

Personalized 3 ring cute pencil pouch with name

Customize colors and names with this pouch that can live inside a binder.

Buy it: Personalized 3-Ring Pouch/Etsy

Personalized Rainbow Pouch

cute pencil pouch with personalized name rainbow pencil case

The rainbow pattern and tassel make the pouch fun and unique!

Buy it: Personalized Rainbow Pouch/Etsy

School Supply Pouch

cute pencil pouch with school supplies and student name

Store all student supplies in this personalized name pouch.

Buy it: School Supply Pouch/Etsy

Customized Dinosaur Case

Customized name dinosaur cute pencil pouch

This customizable name case also comes in owls, mermaids, and space themes.

Buy it: Customized Dinosaur Case/Amazon

Pencil Name Case

Pencil pouch with teacher name inside pencil design

Personalized with a student or teacher name to make an adorable pencil pouch.

Buy it: Pencil Name Case/Etsy

Loose Leaf Pouch

cute teacher pencil pouch with Loose leaf paper name and grade

Personalize this adorable pouch meant to look like a piece of loose-leaf paper. Customize this for yourself, or make sure your favorite teachers have cute pencil pouches too!

Buy it: Loose Leaf Pouch/Etsy

Tools For School

cute pencil pouch with "Tools for school" with name personalization in black

Fill this adorable, personalized pencil pouch with all of your tools for school. Choose your pouch and text color to make it your own.

Buy it: Tools For School/Etsy

Personalized Name and Grade

Name and grade personalized pencil case from Etsy

Put your own spin on this one with your name and grade. These muted colors are so trendy!

Buy it: Personalized Name and Grade/Etsy

Personalized Supplies Pouch

Cute teacher pencil pouch with Personalized name and grade with pictures of school supplies

Have this one personalized with your name and grade or teacher specialty.

Buy it: Personalized Supplies Pouch/Etsy

Trendy & Cute Pencil Pouches

Geometric Pencil Pouch

cute pencil pouch with geometric design and holographic colors

This holographic design is so cool! Fit all of the school essentials in this pouch.

Buy it: Geometric Pencil Pouch/Amazon

Pencil Case With Compartments

cute polkadot pencil pouch with zipper compartments

This case can truly hold it all with 3 different compartments to keep everything organized. Other fun designs include plaid, grids, and solid grey.

Buy it: Pencil Case With Compartments/Amazon

Marvel Pencil Case

Marvel pencil case

Featuring marvel comics, this case is too cool for school.

Buy it: Marvel Pencil Case/Amazon

Smiley Stand Up Case

cute pencil pouch with Smiley that stands up

A stand-up pencil case is a super convenient option for students to have on their desks.

Buy it: Smiley Stand Up Case

Tie-Dye Pencil Case

Tie-dye cute pencil pouch

Sturdy material will help this fun case last all year.

Buy it: Tie-Dye Pencil Case/Amazon

Zip It Pouch

Zip it camo pencil case

This pouch can be fully zipped or unzipped with one long zipper. Choose from other colorful patterns as well!

Buy it: Zip It Pouch/Amazon

Citrus Pencil Pouch

Citrus cute pencil pouch

This design is too cute to resist. Plus, it’s only $3!

Buy it: Citrus Pencil Pouch/Target

Space Pencil Pouch

Space pencil case with stars and planets

Does your student love space or science? Pick up this find for under $10!

Buy it: Space Pencil Pouch/Amazon

Standing Pencil Pouch

Standing pencil case from Amazon

Another standing option, this pencil pouch perfectly unzips and stands to gives easy access to every supply. This simple but smart design comes in blue, yellow, green, pink, and purple.

Buy it: Standing Pencil Pouch/Amazon

Transparent Pencil Pouch

Transparent pencil cases from Etsy

Find items you need more quickly with a transparent pouch such as this one.

Buy it: Transparent Pencil Pouch/Etsy

Watermelon Transparent Case

Watermelon transparent pencil case

A cute pencil pouch with a watermelon design will hold all of your important writing utensils while still easily seeing what’s inside.

Buy it: Watermelon Transparent Case/Amazon

Big Capacity Pencil Case

Big capacity pencil case in blue

This pouch comes with many different compartments to keep daily essentials organized. Choose from this cute denim color, purple, yellow, and more.

Buy it: Big Capacity Pencil Case/Amazon

Sequin Rainbow Pouch

Sequin rainbow girls pencil case

Keep it bright and fun with sequins and a rainbow!

Buy it: Sequin Rainbow Pouch/Target

Floral Linen Pouch

Blue floral linen pencil pouch from Target

We are loving this blue floral design! The leather detail and zipper make it cute enough to carry around on its own.

Buy it: Floral Linen Pouch/Target

Dinosaur Case

dinosaur pencil case

Make your favorite dinosaur-loving student extra happy with this design.

Buy it: Dinosaur Case/Walmart

Kipling 50 Pens Case

Kipling 50 pens case

This case is a bit pricer, but it will last!

Buy it: Kipling 50 Pens Case/Target

Colorful Pencil Case

colorful pencil case

Choose from fun, colorful options to brighten up your day.

Buy it: Colorful Pencil Case/Amazon

Homecube Pencil Case

Homecube pencil case in beige

Fashionable and functional, this pencil case’s wrist strap makes it so easy to grab and go for home and school travel.

Buy it: Homecube Pencil Case/Amazon

Waves Pencil Case

Waves pencil case

This adorable waves pattern will make your case unique and easy to spot.

Buy it: Waves Pencil Case/Etsy

Plush Pencil Case

plush pink pencil case

Cozy and soft plush makes such a cute pencil pouch!

Buy it: Plush Pencil Case/Walmart

Glitter Pencil Pouch

glitter stars pencil case

Who doesn’t love glitter? This fun case can also go into a 3-ring binder.

Buy it: Glitter Pencil Pouch/Walmart

Sonia Kashuk Pencil Case

Sonia Kashuk cute pencil pouch with green snakeskin pattern

These patterns on faux leather are too cute to resist. Choose from green or pink snakeskin, abstract floral or polka dots, and solid pink.

Buy it: Sonia Kashuk Pencil Case/Target

Cute Monogram Pencil Pouch

cute Monogram pencil pouch with handwritten letter

We’re loving the simplicity of this pouch. Also, choose from a variety of color options to make it your own.

Buy it: Monogram Pencil Pouch/Etsy

Teaching Is A Work Of Heart

Teaching is a work of heart pencil pouch

This larger pouch will fit all of your essentials. Toss it in your teacher bag with anything you need on the fly.

Buy it: Teaching Is A Work Of Heart/Amazon

Teaching With Flair

Cute flair pen pencil case "teaching with flair"

Because who doesn’t love flair pens? This option will show off your colorful style.

Buy it: Teaching With Flair/Etsy

Teacher Survival Kit

Teacher survival kit pencil pouch

This design would make a great teacher gift filled with survival items like pens, tape, chapstick, sticky notes, and more!

Buy it: Teacher Survival Kit/Amazon

Waxed Canvas Pouch

Waxed canvas pencil pouches from Etsy

These pouches are made in the USA and are super durable. We’re loving the natural color options to match your favorite bag.

Buy it: Waxed Canvas Pouch/Etsy

Leather Pouch

Leather pencil case in brown

Leather is a fashion staple. This smaller option is great for your go-to pens and pencils.

Buy it: Leather Pouch/Amazon

Teacher Definition Pouch

cute teacher pencil pouch with Teacher definition

Show off how much of an educational rockstar you are. The wrist strap also makes it super convenient to carry.

Buy it: Teacher Definition Pouch/Etsy

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The Best Pencil Pouches for Teachers & Students