13 Comfy Seating Ideas to Create a Cozy Reading Corner

Who wouldn’t want to read all day when you have these?

Large group of elementary students sitting on the floor and studying together. Isolated on white.

At this time of year we sometimes look around our classrooms and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, realize that they’re starting to look a little tired. Why not inject some new color, personality, and comfort to create a cozy reading corner your students (and you) will love?

We went on a quest and found a bunch of fun options. And while each seat might not fit every teacher’s space or budget, maybe you’ll be inspired to add something new.

Just a heads up, WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves! 

1. Lazy Man Couch

Comfy reading spots big man couch

This comfy sofa chair offers five supported positions from flat to upright. I mean, how can you resist when the product description claims it is “fantastic for young and hip people?” Buy it for $30.

2. Mandala floor cushion

create a cozy reading corner

Your kids will feel like they’re reclining on a peacock when they use this at reading time. And for only $11, you might as well get two!

3. Zebra-print lounger

create a cozy reading corner chair

Another jazzy option that will encourage even the most reluctant reader to curl up with a good book. Bonus, you can create a cozy reading corner with an animal theme! It’s yours for $47.

4. Sapphire blue bean bag chair


bean bag create a cozy reading corner

Just the right combination of structure and cushy support. There are six color options starting at $34.99.

5. Hanging hammock

Comfy reading spots hanging hammock

Your kids will be begging you for SSR (silent, sustained reading) time!  Hang loose for $28.

6. Ninja Turtle pouf

Comfy reading spots ninja chair

If you teach the little ones, this pouf could be a special privilege seat they could earn. Buy it for $21 here.

7. Emoji backrest

Comfy reading spots emoji backrest

Portable, comfortable, and on trend—smaller kids could even cozy up next to a friend for partner reading. It’s on sale for less than $26.

8. Hanging Nest

Comfy reading spots hanging nest

When you’re reading a great book and you absolutely do not want to be disturbed! Provide peace and quiet for $40.

9. Woven Tatami cushion

Comfy reading spots tatami chair

A simple way to get up off the cold floor and define your own space. Two sizes starting at $20 here.

10. Fuzzy Papasan

Comfy reading spots papasan chair

Create a cozy reading corner that’s like being inside of a cloud for $28.

11. Inflatable pod chair

Comfy reading spots inflatable pod

How cool is this? Inflate it to use when you have space, deflate it when you want to take it home for the summer. This one does double duty for $25.

12. Adjustable recliner stadium chair

Comfy reading spots stadium chair

A simple option that lends a little back support. You can use it to create a cozy reading corner or for cheering on the school team at a game! Buy it for $28.

13. Long triangular cushion
Comfy reading spots long triangle pillow

This one would be great when kids are working on learning their readers theater scripts together. Grab it for $55.