55 Best Crazy Sock Day Ideas for Teachers and Students

Socks to buy or DIY!

Collage of crazy sock day ideas, including popcorn socks and pot of gold rainbow socks
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Gearing up for Crazy Sock Day at school? Put your best foot forward with these incredibly fun ideas!

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DIY Crazy Sock Day Ideas

Crazy Socks You Can Buy

What is Crazy Sock Day?

Kids sitting in a circle showing off their unique socks for crazy sock day
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Officially, Crazy Sock Day is held each March 21 to promote Down Syndrome Awareness Day. But many schools include a day for silly socks in their Spirit Week plans, no matter what time of year it is. The concept is simple: Everyone wears the wackiest socks they can find or make!

Holding a Crazy Sock Day at school is pretty easy, but there are a few things you can do to make it more inclusive. Remember that not all families are able to buy special socks or create their own at home. So consider setting up a Silly Sock Station where kids can make their own crazy socks that day. All you’ll need are some inexpensive socks and a few craft supplies. This can be as basic as a pack of Sharpies or include items like pom-poms, googly eyes, ribbons, and more.

DIY Crazy Sock Day Ideas

Are you creative? Take some inspiration from these ideas and make your own Crazy Sock Day creation!

Lorax Socks

White socks with felt shapes from The Lorax
@h.taylor.93 via Instagram

“I am the Lorax who speaks for the trees.”

Light-Up Socks

Super Mario Brothers socks with battery powered lights added
@jayscreations__ via Instagram

Add battery-powered string lights to your socks for an extra-special display.

Popcorn Socks

Socks that look like popcorn containers with popcorn pieces glued around the bands
@davidsendragons via Instagram

Pop pop! Try to keep others from snacking on these socks.

Rainbow Socks

DIY rainbow socks made with ribbon and cotton balls
@friendsartlab via Instagram

Colorful ribbons and cotton balls are all you need to make this pretty pair.

Minion Socks

Purple and yellow DIY minion socks with google eyes, marshmallow teeth, and yarn hair
@brightminds_childcarecenter via Instagram

Those spice containers are especially brilliant!

Flower Socks

Black ankle socks with large artificial tiger lilies sewed to them
@kidistabe via Instagram

The bigger the flower, the better.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Socks

DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse socks with 3-D elements
@anthony.brian_407 via Instagram

Calling all Disney fans!

Layered Socks

Silly ankle socks layered over knee socks over patterned tights, with bows added
@mrsgarrett345 via Instagram

Anklets over knee highs over tights …

DIY Chicken Socks

Child wearing DIY chicken socks with feathers sewn to the top
life_with_lisa_c via Instagram

Don’t chicken out—it’s easy to make these socks!

Felt Friends Socks

Tube socks with felt figures sewn to them
@kyzyan via Instagram

Stitch a few little figures to some tube socks and you’re all set.

Mr. and Mrs. Socks

Pink socks decorated to look like a man and a woman
@alliewalker12 via Instagram

There’s no breaking up this pair!

Tie-Dye Socks

Four colorful DIY tie-dyed socks
@amitolacolours via Instagram

This would make a fun class craft project too.

Curly Hair Socks

Blue socks with faces and hair made from curling ribbon, wearing little skirts
@giggleberry via Instagram

Using curling ribbon to make the hair is just genius.

Pom-Pom Socks

Black and white striped socks with colorful pom poms attached
@onceuponamason via Instagram

Hot-glue a few pom-poms and beads onto your socks, and you’re out the door.

Pot of Gold Socks

Rainbow colored socks with cotton ball clouds and paper gold coins
@jenniferpasq via Instagram

It’s your lucky day!

Fuzzy Monster Socks

Socks with faux fur and giant googly eyes glued to them to make monster socks for Crazy Sock Day
@calicraftparties via Instagram

Faux fur + big googly eyes = crazy socks!

Smiley Button Socks

Black and white striped socks decorated with mini smiley face buttons
@ashelygspence via Instagram

At the end of the day, you can give away your smiley buttons to your friends.

Fancy Socks

Socks with purple feather boa and fake flowers attached
@littleprinceandprincesses via Instagram

Ooh la la!

Snack Socks

Socks decorated with felt decorations to look like McDonald's fries and a Sprite can
@designingluv via Instagram

How delicious are these?

Smiling Socks

Plain white socks with a face on the back, including a jingle bell nose
@alphabetgardenpreschool via Instagram

That jingle bell nose is adorable!

Cat in the Hat Socks

Child wearing socks decorated with the Cat in the Hat theme
@edelaidax via Instagram

“Look at me! Look at me now!”

LEGO Socks

Socks decorated with LEGO bricks
@rsvplaurenalys via Instagram

Build your own design with everyone’s favorite blocks.

Bug Socks

White socks with plastic bugs attached
@lifewithmarlee via Instagram

Covered in creepy-crawlies!

Feather Socks

Socks covered in colorful feathers
@revelleca via Instagram

You’ve heard of a feather in your cap, but how about some on your socks?

Scary Socks

Socks covered in paper monster heads with fake spider webs
@breeana.langer via Instagram

Do the Monster Mash in these socks!

Hamburger Socks

Pink socks with a face licking its lips, and a toy hamburger attached
@lisa__k.im via Instagram

No need to pack a lunch!

Fringe Socks

Light blue socks decorated around the band with pink fringe and a garland of pompoms
@mali_n_me.kids via Instagram

Because everyone should accessorize their ankles.

Glove Feet Socks

Child wearing gardening gloves on their feet, with tissue paper tucked into the tops of their socks
@lrca_library via Instagram

Give this pair a hand!

Silly Face Socks

Socks with silly faces made from wiggly eyes, pompoms, pipe cleaners, and more
@vbaweatherford via Instagram

The pipe cleaner mouths make these especially fun to customize.

Glamour-Face Socks

Knee high white socks with eyes and a mouth, decorated with jewels, ribbons, and tulle
@mrschaseduncan via Instagram

For those who love some bling.

Cheer Socks

Socks decorated to look like little cheerleaders with hands holding pom poms and a trophy
@i_am_littlelion via Instagram

Now that’s some real school spirit!

Funny Bunny Socks

Fuzzy bunny slipper socks accessorized with tutus
@mnconci via Instagram

Just accessorize some bunny slipper socks and hop off to school.

Crazy Sock Shirt

Teacher wearing a shirt covered in silly socks for Crazy Sock Day
@vkstkd via Instagram

Who says socks have to be on your feet?

Crazy Sock Hat

Woman wearing a knit hat with silly socks attached
@musicblover via Instagram

What’s wackier than socks on your head?

Crazy Sock Skirt

Teacher wearing a skirt made of silly socks for Crazy Sock Day
@bantingbobcats via Instagram

Seriously, what can’t you do with silly socks?

Crazy Sock Day Ideas You Can Buy

Looking for an easy way to participate in Crazy Sock Day? Slip on one of these fun pairs, and you’ll be good to go.

Unicorn Socks

Colorful knee-high socks with unicorn theme and long curly tails on the back

As if the bright colors on these knee-highs weren’t enough, they’ve got curly unicorn tails on the back!

Buy it: Unicorn Socks With Tail at Amazon

Beaker Socks

Socks that look like the head of Beeker from the Muppets, with faux fur hair on the top

Be careful, Beaker—looks like Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is up to his old tricks!

Buy it: The Muppets Beaker Socks at Amazon

Crocodile Socks

Knit socks that look like an open alligator mouth eating a foot

Look out! These crocodile socks look hungry!

Buy it: Crocodile Socks at Amazon

Ice Cream Socks

Knee high socks that look like an ice cream cone

Make your feet look like a sweet treat!

Buy it: Ice Cream Socks at Amazon

Monster Socks

Three colorful pairs of knee-high socks with monster eyes and faces

Grab this set of monster socks and coordinate with your teaching partners or best friends.

Buy it: Monster Socks at Amazon

Twisty Socks

Blue socks with cut outs between the band and the ankle

These funky cut-outs mean you can wear these socks in a variety of silly ways.

Buy it: Twisty Socks at Amazon

Furry Lace Socks

Green sheer lace socks with furry tops

These lacy anklets come in a variety of colors, and the furry tops make them extra fun.

Buy it: Furry Lace Socks at Amazon

Doggy Socks

Set of five ankle socks with dog faces and ears on the backs

Outfit your whole crew for Silly Sock Day with these adorable puppy feet!

Buy it: Doggy Socks at Amazon

Kitty Socks

Knee-high socks with cat faces and 3-D eaars

The fuzzy ears send these cat-themed socks over the top!

Buy it: Kitty Socks at Amazon

Rainbow Socks and Sleeves

Knee-high rainbow striped socks with matching elbow length fingerless gloves

Go the extra mile and wear marching socks on your arms too!

Buy it: Rainbow Socks and Sleeves at Amazon

Skeleton Socks and Sleeves

Black knee socks and fingerless elbow gloves with bones printed on them

How fun would these be for a biology teacher?

Buy it: Skeleton Socks and Sleeves at Amazon

Tutu Socks

White anklet socks with colorful tulle ruffles around the band

These only come in girls’ sizes, but you could make an adult pair yourself by sewing tulle around the tops of some anklets.

Buy it: Tutu Socks at Amazon

Holding-Hands Socks

Black sock and white sock with wiggly eyes and small arms attached together by magnets

The little hands in these sweet socks have magnets in them, so it looks like they’re holding hands. These would be perfect to wear with your bestie for Crazy Sock Day!

Buy it: Holding-Hands Socks at Amazon

Chicken Leg Socks

Black knee high socks with a chicken leg printed on the front

Bawk bawk! No need to walk on eggshells in these silly socks.

Buy it: Chicken Leg Socks at Amazon

School Supply Socks

Woman wearing one sock that looks like a pencil and the other that looks like notebook paper with her name written on it
@lamsimm via Instagram

This mismatched pair is perfect for teachers, especially if you use a fabric marker to write your name across the notebook paper.

Buy it: School Supply Socks at Amazon

Pencil Socks

Pair of socks that look like pencils, worn with black pointed toe flats
@rothysaddicts via Instagram

Pencil socks become complete perfection when you wear them with pointy-toe black flats!

Buy it: Pencil Socks at Amazon

Superhero Socks

Wonder Woman themed knee socks with cape attached to the back

Teachers are superheroes, and so are their socks!

Buy it: Superhero Socks at Amazon

Pirate Leg Socks

Set of socks with one black and white striped leg and one with a wood grain pattern
Ian Mac via Amazon

How funny are these? One pirate leg and one wooden leg!

Buy it: Pirate Leg Socks at Amazon

Fish Socks

Fish socks with orange and white stripes, fins, and a split toe

Oh, there’s Nemo!

Buy it: Fish Socks at Amazon

Dragon Socks

Knit socks that look like dragons eating someone's feet

These socks are on fire!

Buy it: Dragon Socks on Amazon

What are some of your favorite Crazy Sock Day ideas? Come share in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook!

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