A Crazy Good Grocery Deal for Busy Teachers

Get $10 off your online grocery order with code TEACHERS—plus, curbside pickup!

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Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

We see you—rushing after school to get to the store before going home to make dinner. Phew, it’s exhausting! We were so excited to try Walmart’s new Online Grocery Pickup service, that we knew we had to share with other like-minded teachers because omg, it’s life changing.

It’s simple. Enter your zip code to find your nearest location, order all your groceries online and head to the store—they’ll even load your groceries into your car when you get there. It’s the best for a quick after-school stop.

Have you ordered your groceries online? Tell us about it in the comments below! Now, deliciousness, commence.

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup

Walmart Online Grocery Pickup - Homemade granola bars

Walmart online grocery pickup - Baked apples