18 Teacher-Approved Craft Kits to Get Kids’ Creativity Flowing

Procraftinate the day away!

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Craft kits are a great way to get creative juices flowing without breaking the bank! As summer approaches and long days start to feel even longer, these teacher-approved crafts can provide a much-needed distraction and some cool new decorations. Additionally, they won’t require any extra supplies or effort on your part!

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1. Rock Painting Kit

rock craft kits

Rocks are the new canvas! Or maybe the old canvas? Either way, the allure of painting on an unconventional surface keeps kids engaged and allows them to express their creative side. 

2. Paint & Plant Craft Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to design and fill a planter—kids will have so much fun painting their planter and plant markers that they won’t even realize how much they’re learning about botany & plant lifecycles! 


3. Window Art Kit

Now is a great time to display some cheerful window art in your home. Since this kit makes 20 projects, your whole family can get crafting!

4. Embroidery Starter Kit


This beginner’s embroidery kit is perfect for older kids who have already sped through every other craft kit under the sun & just can’t seem to get enough.

5. Friendship Bracelet Kit

friendship bracelet craft kits

Whether your child is an expert friendship bracelet designer or a novice, they’ll love this simple weaving aid. These bracelets are a classic staple of childhood for a reason!

6. Knot-A-Quilt Kit

Quilting has never been easier! This kit walks kids through creating their own quilt without the use of needles or scissors (thank goodness). Not to mention, it’s great for fine motor skill development!

7. Origami Extravaganza Kit

origami craft kits

Is there anything that can’t be learned through origami? Besides learning how to make gorgeous paper goods, kids will also develop math reasoning skills, spatial skills, and lengthen their attention spans.

8. Sand Art Kit

Sand art is addicting, trust me. Maybe it’s because this particular kit is oddly calming, or just because the sand just naturally seems to fall in the perfect place every time. I’m not sure, but you’ll understand once your kit arrives in the mail. 

9. Recycled Paper Bead Craft Kit

Put all of your old paper scraps to good use with this recycled paper bead-maker. It’s a win-win!

10. Scratch Art Bookmark Set

These bookmarks will last kids a while, and they make great DIY birthday or holiday gifts, too!

11. Paper Airplane Kit

This is one of our favorite craft kits! The guides included in the book are even organized by different levels of difficulty so kids can challenge themselves again and again.

12. Fairy Potions Kit

fairy potions craft kits

This fairy potion kit will (thankfully) keep your kids out of the spice cabinet when they want to make a potion. It even comes with a shelf to store “potions” on once they’re finished!

13. Hanging Planter Kit

Younger kids will need help with this one, but it’s a fun kit to work on together. The hangers actually turn out looking nice enough to display, and fake succulents are included—no need to worry about watering them.

14. 3D Puzzle Project

puzzle craft kits

Puzzles have been the star of quarantine thus far—why not have your kids design their own? This pack of nine is challenging and sure to keep them busy. 

15. Soap Craft & Science Kit

I can never get enough of homemade soap, and we’re going through bars faster than ever in my household. Therefore, I love this—it works triple duty as a craft, science experiment, and soap-provider! Thank goodness for craft kits!

16. Write & Draw Your Own Book

This workbook includes everything your child will need to write, draw and publish a professionally bound, hardcover copy of their book—no additional materials necessary. I mean, how cool is being a published author?!

17. Create Your Own Crayon Kit

Create crayons of all shapes, sizes, and colors with this cool kit. You can even use it to give old or broken crayons around your house a new life!

18. Magic Spinning Art Machine

spin art craft kits

This kit is sure to please audiences of all ages. Just turn the machine on, sit back, and watch your children create art comparable to Jackson Pollock masterpieces!

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17 Teacher-Approved Craft Kits to Get Kids' Creativity Flowing