Win a K-5 Coding and Robotics Classroom Solution Pack!

Kids love learning and playing with robots! That’s why our friends at Wonder Workshop are giving away these two K-5 classroom solution packs. Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot robots bring STEM and coding to life while engaging students in key concepts within math, geography, science and more. No prior coding knowledge is needed, and there are tons of lesson plans to choose from, so you can start your school year off in an unforgettable and inspiring way.

And, Wonder Workshop is proud to announce their new robot simulator (in beta): Using Wonder Workshop’s Chrome-based Blockly app, kids can program the virtual dash to move through a simulated 3-D environment!

Two (2) lucky winners will each receive:

Wonder Workshop’s Amazing K-5 Classroom Solution Pack, valued at $1,995!

    • 6 Dash robots
    • 2 Dot robots
    • Classroom license to new robot simulator tool
    • 3 Sketch Kits
    • 1 whiteboard sketch mat
    • 1 whiteboard eraser
    • 3 marker refill kits
    • 3 Gripper Building Kits
    • 3 Launchers for Dash
    • 3 Xylophones for Dash
    • 12 Building Brick Connectors
    • 3 bulldozer bars
    • 3 pairs of bunny ears
    • 3 bunny tails
    • 3 tow hooks
    • 3 Learn to Code Challenge Card box sets
    • 1 Learn to Code Curriculum Guide

PLUS—a 12-month subscription!

    • 1-teacher/30-student access to Class Connect (now available for a Free Trial).
    • 1-teacher access to their premium cross-curricular lesson library.
    • 1-teacher access to exclusive quarterly webinars

Yes! I Want to Win a K-5 Classroom Solution Pack!

Two (2) winners will each receive the K-5 Classroom Solution Pack. This pack includes: 6 Dash robots, 2 Dot robots, Classroom license to new robot simulator tool, 3 Sketch Kits, 1 whiteboard sketch mat, 1 whiteboard eraser, 3 marker refill kits, 3 Gripper Building Kits, 3 Launchers for Dash, 3 Xylophones for Dash, 12 Building Brick Connectors, 3 bulldozer bars, 3 pairs of bunny ears, 3 bunny tails, 3 tow hooks, 3 Learn to Code Challenge Card box sets, 1 Learn to Code Curriculum Guide, a 12-month subscription for to 1-teacher/30-student access to Class Connect, 1-teacher access to the premium cross-curricular lesson library, 1-teacher access to exclusive quarterly webinars.