Win STEMscopes Coding Access for Your Entire School!

Want to teach your students how to code, but think you need to be a computer scientist? What if we told you that you could teach coding for grades 3-12 without a computer science background, lab equipment, or even an in-person classroom? That’s right, all you need is internet access and your students to get started with STEMscopes Coding.

Powered by Bitsbox, STEMscopes Coding walks students through the process of building their own customized apps using real-world typed JavaScript code. Not only will coding keep your students engaged during synchronous or asynchronous instruction and after-school activities, but they’ll have a blast as they learn by building, personalizing, and sharing their very own apps.

Tell me more about the STEMscopes Coding prize!

  • Winners will receive STEMscopes Coding access for all students and teachers.
  • Students can easily share their apps with friends and family through the platform.
  • All projects are mapped to cross-curricular academic standards (science, math, computer technology, and ELA).

Yes, I Want to Win!

One (1) winner will receive campus wide access to STEMscopes Coding for their entire school building through August 31, 2021. Prize package valued at $1,250.