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What: Strategies for helping students experiencing stress and anxiety

Who: You! If you teach grades K-12

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What will I learn?

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The “Resilience Matters: Supporting Children Who Experience Too Much Stress” webcast is broken into five short sections. This makes watching easy and convenient.

  • Part 1: All About Stress – The first section discusses the difference between positive, tolerable, and toxic stress. Additionally, it shares what young people report is causing them stress today. Finally, it discusses what behaviors students who are experiencing too much stress might display in class.
  • Part 2: Introducing the Resilience Recipe – In each of the remaining sections, the webcast highlights a key component of helping young people develop resilience. This section delves into the importance of building connections and shares easy-to-implement strategies.
  • Part 3: Co-Regulation – Helping our students practice understanding, expressing, and modulating their own emotions is the focus of this section of the webcast. The training highlights how to act as a model and a coach for young people as they learn this important skill.
  • Part 4: Consistency – This section focuses on helping adults create safe, predictable spaces where students can feel confident and secure. The webcast shares ideas for creating routine, structure, rules, and boundaries.
  • Part 5: Sleep, Nutrition, and When To Seek Additional Support – The final section of the training focuses more on aspects of our students’ lives that take place outside of school. The ideas shared in this section are perfect for sharing with parents and other caregivers.



View the webcast and be entered to win!

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  • 5 winners each receive a $100 Target gift card.