Add STEAM Fun to Your Classroom With This Awesome Giveaway!

Imagine teaching your students how to code a robot to draw and write their designs and words. You can do just that with this awesome giveaway!

WeAreTeachers and Wonder Workshop are giving away Sketch Packs to three lucky teachers! In addition to the Sketch Pack, winners will also get a Dash Robot.

The Wonder Workshop Sketch Pack is a new accessory for the Dash and Cue robots that lets kids visualize the results from their code on a large-scale, dry-erase surface. Sketch Pack with Dash allows the robot to create drawings with precision, write words with dexterity, and draw geometric shapes with accuracy. Dash can lift and place the marker down while moving, allowing kids to transform their robot’s path into a dry-erase picture.

Students will be thrilled and engaged as they get a chance to express their creativity and think critically—huge classroom wins!

From code to canvas … unlock your students’ creativity. Explore the fun and imaginative possibilities!

Three (3) lucky educators will each win a Dash Robot and a Sketch Pack. (Prize valued at $280 each.) Each winner will receive:
  • 1 Dash robot
  • A Sketch Pack that includes: 1 attachment caddy that secures a dry-erase marker to the robot with a pulley system that allows the robot to lift and place the marker down to draw while moving; 6 dry-erase markers and dry-erase refill packs; 10 drawing challenges plus a design-your-own card in the box; free cross-curricular lessons in math and art for elementary and middle school teachers; integration with 4 free downloadable mobile apps for Wonder Workshop’s robots, Dash and Cue; 1 rollable whiteboard magnetic mat with 100cm x 200cm of canvas space and an eraser