Join Our We Are Teachers Webcast: Cool Ways to Teach with Graphic Novels

What: Fresh ideas for using graphic novels in your classroom

Who: You! If you teach grades 3-6

Where: Right here at




Join us for this special webcast event as we talk about creative ways to engage students across the curriculum using graphic novels. Featuring popular and award-winning books from Penguin Young Readers, our education experts will give you fun and easy ideas for extending the stories into other curriculum areas—especially for grades 3-6. Plus, you’ll have the chance to win some free books just for signing up to attend.


Here are the books we’ll feature in this graphic novels event:

During the event, we’ll talk about how graphic novels work really well across curricula. You’ll get tips about how to use any graphic novel for any subject. We’ll also give you ideas on how to use these specific books:

Here are the educators you’ll hear from during the event:

Adam Peterson

Our host Adam is a passionate educator and creator of Adam Peterson Education. Adam loves using graphic novels with his students, and his son is a big fan as well. Adam is a teacher in the Chicago area and is a regular presenter at events and conferences around the country.

Hilary Statum

Hilary is an ESL teacher and loves using books to get kids excited about learning. Her own daughter was a bit of a reluctant reader until she discovered graphic novels. Hilary is based in Tennessee and  runs the blog Pencils to Pigtails. She has lots of creative ideas on how to use graphic novels in other subject areas too.

Keri Brown

Keri has spent more than 15 years as an elementary teacher and is now an interventionist at her school, where she’s always looking for custom solutions to get her students engaged. She loves books and reading, and she’ll be bringing her ideas on how to mix graphic novels with STEM.


You can win free books!

When you sign up to attend the webinar event, you’ll automatically be entered to win a graphic novel prize package! Three lucky winners will each receive all the books on this list and a $50 Amazon gift card so you can buy more graphic novels for your classroom. If you’re unable to attend the event live, we still encourage you to sign up to win. We’ll send you a link to watch later.


Three (3) winners will each receive a set of books and a $50 Amazon gift card.