Get Free Thermometers for the Families at Your School

You stock up on hand sanitizer.

You teach your students how to properly wash their hands.

You even make sure to disinfect every germy surface in your classroom with Lysol.

What else can you do to help keep your students healthy?

Give free Kinsa Smart Thermometers to your families and staff! By applying to this program, 500 schools will get free smart thermometers for their families, and 10,000 lucky runners-up will receive a gift basket with a Kinsa Smart Thermometer and Lysol disinfectants.

The best part? The Kinsa companion app lets you see anonymous, aggregated illness information for your grade and school, helping to stop the spread of illness and keep students in class learning. Join the thousands of schools who have already benefited from this program. To see what last year’s participants have to say about the sponsored FLUency program, watch the two minute video below.

No catch. No sales pitch. Just a simple way that Kinsa and Lysol are working to keep our schools, kids, and communities healthy.


Get your free Kinsa Thermometers and app access by filling out the form on this page. Go Now »

Qualified schools to apply will be accepted into Kinsa’s FLUency School Health Program and will receive one (1) Kinsa smart thermometer for every family and staff member in the school (48,000 thermometers available) in addition to free app access for the school admins and parents.
10,000 applicants will get one (1) free Kinsa Thermometer and Lysol disinfectants (value $20). Applicants will also get special access to Kinsa Insights to see what illnesses are going around the community.