Win a Blue Apple Project With Everything You’ll Need for Project-Based Learning

Looking for a way to simplify project-based learning so you can finally try it? If so, this Blue Apple project giveaway is for you!

These classroom projects help teachers introduce real-world problems that kids must solve, plus they’re easily adaptable for grades 3–8, meet cross-curricular standards, and come with everything you’ll need.

Here’s the Blue Apple project giveaway scoop:

Forty winners will each choose the project that works best for their students. Maybe you want to explore the effectiveness of disinfectants in fighting germs or conduct an energy audit of your school where students design, test, and refine solutions to reduce energy consumption. There are so many neat projects to choose from!

With each Blue Apple kit, you’ll get:

  • Instant lifetime access to online resources and a snail mail box of supplies shipped to your door—think petri dishes, stickers, and card stock
  • Videos and contact information for topic experts
  • Real-world-connection projects aligned to cross-curricular content standards
  • Opportunities to connect with other classrooms doing the same project (how cool?!)
  • Practical instructional strategies for you to use beyond the project
  • Access to a project coach for 1 full year!

Perhaps the best part about this giveaway is that every one of the Blue Apple projects can make the world a better place, with topics on real, important issues. Take a look at all the options and enter to win by clicking the button below. Good luck!

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Forty (40) winners will receive a Blue Apple project of their choice. (Value: $125 each)