Win a PBL Blue Apple Project With Everything You’ll Need for Grades 3-8!

Blue Apple projects are designed to save teachers time and engage students in memorable, meaningful experiences where they apply critical and creative thinking to real-world problems—all while learning the content teachers actually have to teach AND making the world a better place! They are easily adaptable for grades 3-8, meet cross-curricular standards, and come with everything you need. Intrigued? Enter this giveaway and you could be one of 40 teachers to win a PBL project of your choice.

What are my options?

Choose from 10 hands-on and engaging projects like:

  • Food for Thought: Create, test, and revise healthy recipes in a Top Chef–style competition.
  • High Energy: Design, test, and refine solutions to reduce energy consumption.
  • What’s in Your Water? Collect, test, and analyze local water samples and determine ways to improve water quality.
  • And more options!

With each Blue Apple project, you’ll get:

  • Videos and contact information for a variety of industry experts.
  • Real-world connections aligned to cross-curricular content standards.
  • Opportunities to connect with other classrooms doing the same project (how cool!).
  • Practical instructional strategies for you to use beyond the project.
  • Access to a project coach … a real person!
  • Instant lifetime access to hundreds of online resources and a snail-mail box of supplies shipped to your door.

Yes! I Want To Win a Blue Apple Project for My Class

Forty (40) winners will each receive a prize package ($125 value) that includes:
  • Engaging lessons designed to make learning memorable, meaningful, and fun.
  • PBL supports such as: real-world connections, collaboration options, cross-curricular content, and just-in-time professional development.
  • Time-saving links to dozens of curated online resources.
  • Kit of supplies that bring your project to life.
  • Access to a Project Coach to ask questions and share ideas. You're never alone!
Each prize is valued at $125. Total giveaway prize value $5,000 for all 40 prizes.