In Honor of 100th Day, Teachers Share the Things They’ve Said at Least 100 Times

“Please read with the voice in your head, not the voice in your mouth.”

What's something you've had to say 100 times?

In many classrooms, the 100th day of school has become a fun celebration of both the number 100 and the learning the class has done so far. But just for fun, Twitter user Lindsay Arnold asked teachers to share the things they’ve said at least 100 times, in honor of the 100th day.

The answers made us laugh so much we had to share. Can you say #relatablecontent?

“Now is a listening time, not a talking time”

Arnold answered her own question with this gem, which, yes, we’ve caught ourselves saying a time or two.

“I can wait”

Teachers Can Wait Meme

Contributed by @TeacherKinder, it’s the teacher saying that’s spawned a thousand memes.

“Please read with the voice in your head, not the voice in your mouth”

This one is so good, Rhea Hansen, that we’re adding it to our repertoire stat.

“Pull your mask up”


Lots of teachers said that this was their most common saying of the year, and we feel like we’ve said it a hundred times today alone. These mask-wearing call-and-response ideas can help!

“Put your phone away”

Cell phone jail

Every middle and high school teacher in America can relate to this one, @wokeSTEMteacher. Check out some of our ideas for managing cell phones in class here.

“Please don’t tip your chair”

@kellyjurkowski reminded us of all the times we have to tell our students how to sit in a chair without hurting themselves. It’s a lot.

“What can you do to solve that problem?”

Oh yes, the endless quest to nurture responsibility and self-reliance. We hear you, @b_crawford_c.

“No name, no fame”

@LesleyA47176210 has a creative response to the no-name paper struggle.

We’d love to hear the things you’ve said at least a hundred times this year! Please share in the comments.

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