Make Your Own Coloring Page Classroom Door

It might be the easiest and most interactive door you’ll ever do!

Classroom door covered in coloring pages

I bet you’ve pinned a few dozen inspiring photos of classroom doors in your time. Perhaps you just haven’t had time to put together your dream door what with the dozens of back-to-school meetings to attend, syllabi to write, and activities to invent. But I have the perfect door decoration for you. All you need is about 30 or 45 minutes, and you can create an interactive door perfect for students of any age. It’s a coloring page classroom door!

Chances are, you’ve already got a coloring book lying around that will suit your classroom. Perhaps you’ve been gifted an adult coloring book, or your kids have a dozen odd treasures at the bottom of a closet. Grab one or two and you’re on your way.


Next time you turn on Netflix, color one or two pages from the coloring book while you watch.


Flatten out the book. Then firmly press your left hand over the left side of the book while you carefully tear out the pages on the right side, one at a time.


Add tape rolls to the back of your chosen pages and tape them to the door in rows. Continue until you fill your door.



Cut some colored paper into a border.  Tape it along one side or around the whole door, depending on the size of your coloring pages.


Cut out letters to spell a message such as “Color” or “Color Me” and tape them on. Hang up a basket of colored pencils or place them on a small table inside your room. Once your coloring book door is finished, you can color as you greet students, inviting them to join you. You can let students who arrive early and early finishers work on it.

Enjoy creating something beautiful with your students as the year progresses.