Tackling climate change can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re just a kid who cares about the world. But there are so many young people across the world who are making a difference. You can inspire your own students to think like them, by exploring climate change locally and suggesting ways to take action. These climate learning resources can be used in-person, online, or hybrid.

Video: A Call to Climate Learning

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, kids are still finding a way to act on climate change—by learning. Krrish introduces viewers to young people from Chile to Bali to Zimbabwe who are taking action by teaching others about the natural world, advocating to ban single-use plastics, and speaking out on the climate crisis. If you use videos in your classroom, explore some other videos featuring activists Malala and Emma Watson, campaigning for the Global Goals.

Educator Guide: Talking To Young People About Climate Change

Free Resources for Engaging Kids in Climate Learning

Download this three-page guide to get the climate change conversation started in your classroom. You want to foster honest conversations that give hope while not ignoring the reality and scale of the problem. We love the idea of immersing young people in the stories of climate change activists. We’ll be following @HelenaGualinga for sure.

Lesson Plan: Earth: It’s Everybody’s Home

Free Resources for Engaging Kids in Climate Learning

There are a number of great lessons from World’s Largest Lesson, but we like this one for an introductory lesson. In this climate education activity, students use Google Earth tools to explore the natural world and specifically how their own communities have been impacted by climate change over time. 

Activity: Don’t Waste It!

Free Resources for Engaging Kids in Climate Learning

For linking sustainability with climate change, we love this activity. Students explore the issue of waste and create their own “Tee-Tote” bag from recycled fabric. This is a great one for helping convince students that they really can do something about climate change and that small actions add up.

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