16 Cleanup Songs That Will Get Your Kids Excited To Do the Work!

Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!

16 Clean Up Songs That Will Get Your Kids Excited To Do the Work!

Making a mess can be so much fun, but cleaning up is a real drag. Have you ever struggled to get your students motivated to tidy up after a fun activity? We’ve all been there! It’s important, though, to teach them to respect the space they share with others while being responsible for picking up after themselves. One great way to perk them up is with music. We’ve put together this list of catchy cleanup songs for kids to make those transitions a breeze!

Clean Up the Room

This very simple, instructive song is perfect for younger kids.

Clean Up Song for Children

Encourage kids to take pride in cleaning up after play with this fun song from ELF Learning.

Clean Up Song

This simple call and response song has kids repeat the phrases “It’s time to clean up” and “Time to tidy up.”

5 Minute Clean up Song

This will be great to use after art class or just to clean up around the classroom.

It’s Time to Clean Up!


At just under a minute, this song is perfect for those quick transition times!

Clean Up Song

♫ Clean up. Clean up. Everybody, let’s clean up. ♫ Sing this Super Simple Song whenever you need to tidy up!

Clean Up Rap Song (Work as a Team)

This song reinforces teamwork as children are cleaning up.

Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner

Make cleanup time fun with this interactive song.

Clean Up Song Routine

“Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere! Sing this new clean up song with flare!”

Clean Up Songs Lyrics for Kids

The Kiboomers are the perfect soundtrack for cleanup time!

Clean Up (R&B Remix)

They’ll be moving and grooving to this fun song!

Tidy Up Song

The Dots love playing jazz music. What musical instruments can kids identify as they tidy the classroom?

Clean Up Transition Song

This motivating transition song will help move things along!

4-Minute Clean Up Countdown


The timer ends with a fun sound to signal the end of cleanup time.

Tidy Up Song for Kids

Sing along with this catchy tune while you clean and tidy up the classroom.

Clean Up Song


You won’t stop dancing when listening to this incredibly fun cleanup song!

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