Best of Teacher HELPLINE: How Can I Use Selfies in the Classroom?

Believe in #yourselfie.

Classroom Selfies Ideas and Projects

Phones in the classroom are a contentious subject, and one that comes up regularly on the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE. (Need a little help controlling cell phones in your classroom? Try these clever ideas.) One thing all students seem to have in common… they love to take selfies. Creative teachers are finding ways to embrace and use teacher and student selfies to engage students and parents. Take a look at the classroom selfies ideas teachers shared on HELPLINE, and some additional examples from around the web.

1. Take “selfies” of student work

We love this idea for showcasing work students are proud of!

2. Create a selfie wall of success

I have a selfie wall of success for students caught doing good things—both work and behavioral choices. —Melanie H.

3. Use selfies to talk about emotions—in any language!

In French class, I had students make different faces to demonstrate different emotions, add text with the phrase in French (ie: I am happy). I also had them do a similar activity with school supplies, so they practiced school supplies vocabulary and the conjugation of “to have” (e.g., I have a pencil. We have some books. They have a a pen.). —Canda Joy G.

4. Teach compare and contrast with partner selfies


How are students’ selfies different? How are they the same? Such a fun way to teach compare and contrast!

5. Summarize events in Snapchat

I had kids summarize events in a Snapchat. Find a picture online, overlap a text, add emojis. —Linda D.

6. Try a “Believe in Yourselfie” bulletin board

Teacher Selfies Classroom Katrina M

We love this one from Katrina M. for inspiration!

7. Personalize student goals to keep them motivated

For my ninth grade advisory, I had my girls take a selfie to hang up with their short and long term academic/personal goals. They loved how much more personal the selfies made our bulletin board look. Having that visual reminder made them more invested in completing their goals. —Cassandra I.

8. Feature student selfies in your yearbook!

A great way to bring your yearbook into 2018!

9. Illustrate character selfies from stories

I have them draw character selfies from various points in a story. —Jill M.

10. Make your own Instagram feed

With my sixth graders, I did an Instagram-type page. They did a selfie (they drew it) then under had to caption it with hashtags. We included room for a friend or two to “comment” on it. They loved it! We did it all on the computer then I printed them. —Katie M.

11. Draw your own selfies (and phones!)

A fun way to decorate a classroom door!

12. Record and share reading skills

I have my students turn the camera on ‘selfie style’ and record themselves reading. It’s a great thing to show parents to demonstrate growth. —Lauren M.

13. Engage other students in science experiments

I let my students take selfies as they are doing an experiment and upload to Snapchat with a poll question asking what people think the results will be. It engages students from other classes/year groups and the novelty of social media is a cause of much excitement! —Lucia K.

14. Join the #bookselfies craze!

A coworker does selfies of what students are reading. They hold up their books and smile. —Rachael M.

15. Use #bookselfies to capture what kids read over the summer break

It beats the average book report!

16. Honor a fellow teacher or administrator with student selfies

WAT Selfies Kirk H

I knew they were up to something when the parents asked if they could have their kids take selfies with me but I never knew this is what the parents were planning. I just wish I knew how much this made my year. —Kirk H.

17. Have a sense of humor about “stolen selfies”

WAT Selfies Deb C

The kids steal my phone all the time and make selfies so I printed them using an app called Print Studio. I love it. —Deb C.

What are your classroom selfies ideas? Come and share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

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