14 Classroom Rules Posters Featuring Lovable, Huggable Puppies

Puppies make rules fun!

Classroom Rules Posters Featuring Puppies

When you want to make classroom rules fun, it’s time to cue the cute puppies! In honor of National Puppy Day (March 23), we created these classroom rules posters featuring some of the most lovable and huggable dogs and puppies. We made them all available as PDFs, so you can print them out and use them anywhere in your school or classroom. Just click on the download now link under each poster. They will look great on a 8.5×11 sheet. Enjoy!

Use your head.

When in doubt, use your noggin. Download now.


Be a good listener.


Listen more than you speak. Download now.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.


This is a reminder we all need from time to time. Download now.

If it’s not your business … relax.

It’s hard not to get involved, but just say no. Download now.

Raise your hand.

This rule is an oldie but goodie. Download now.

Don’t make excuses.

You can’t use the my dog ate my homework excuse in this classroom. Download now.

Be curious.

Encourage your students to always ask questions. Download now.

Be patient.

It’s so incredibly hard, but this little pup will help encourage your students to be patient. Download now.

Make new friends.

Encourage all of your students to continually make new friends. Download now.

Be respectful.

If your students can learn this, they will go far in life! Download now.

Be thoughtful.

It takes practice to think of others first. Download now.

Clean up after yourself.

If you make the mess, then you clean it up. Download now.

Stay focused.

There are so many distractions in a day, but focus is important! Download now.


A smile can work wonders in brightening someone’s day. Download now.

We hope you enjoy our classroom rules posters! You might also be interested in classroom management anchor charts and classroom management strategies we can steal from Mary Poppins.

Classroom posters designed by Christina Muscato.