Go Fishing With This Adorable Classroom Icebreakers Printable

Download, print, and take your students fishing.

We loved this classroom icebreakers calendar so much that we took the questions and put them on these adorable fish for a fun and interactive classroom icebreakers printable. Now you can download our PDF and get all the questions that were on the calendar. (We also have a blank version available.) This is an easy classroom project. All you have to do is cut out these fish with the questions to play.

If you want to be really creative, you can create a pond or fishing area in your classroom where students can “go fish.” You can also just toss them in a box or container and let students draw them out one at a time. We love the classroom fishing game that Differentiated Kindergarten did here. To make it, all you need is string, magnets, and dowel rods to make fishing poles!

To download the fish already loaded with icebreaker questions, go here.

Go Fishing Classroom Icebreakers Printable


To download a set of blank fish so you can print your own questions or icebreaker games, go here.

Go Fishing Classroom Icebreakers Printable

What icebreaker questions or activities do you like to do in your classroom? Share your ideas below! We’d love to hear from you. Do you have another crafty activity that you like to do in the classroom? Send it to us through our Write for Us page.