Keeping track of time is an essential part of keeping your classroom running smoothly. So why just settle for the ordinary standard-issue classroom clock? Here are 18 fun, creative ideas that will actually make it a pleasure to keep your eye on the clock.

1. When you want to remind your students what it’s all about.

Because it’s always time to be kind.

classroom clocks

Source: ThinkGrowWiggle

2. And what an important part of the classroom community they are.

Every single one.

classroom clocks

Source: Facebook

3. When you want them to work for it, just a little bit.

Always learning.

classroom clocks

Source: EdGalaxy

4. So you don’t have to answer the question a million times. 

See for yourself!

classroom clocks

Source: PeaceLoveLearning

5. When you want a rainbow of fun.

This one just makes us smile.

classroom clocks

Source: Sharpies, Paint and Paper

6. When they’re still growing their time-telling skills.

A fresh approach.

classroom clocks

Source: She Knows

7. When you want to keep them grounded in learning.

It’s easy to let time get away from you.

classroom clocks

Source: Teaching Ideas on Pinterest

8. Finally! A good use for those tiny pencils.

Love how this one introduces the quarter and half concepts.

classroom clocks

Source: Pencils on Pinterest

9. When you want to add pops of color to a bland space.

Although these look distractingly like Skittles.

classroom clocks

Source: Pequieocio

10. When you’re coordinating with the class mascot.

Aw, irresistibly cute.

classroom clocks

Source: Pinterest

11. When you want to inspire.

All awesome. All day.

classroom clocks

Source: EatWriteTeach

12. When you finally find a use for all those stray marker caps.

Telling time has never looked so pretty!

classroom clocks

Source: TinyArtRoom

13. When it’s time to create.

Roy G. Biv approved.

classroom clocks

Source: 3BBlogspot

14. When you want to give them wings.

Easy to lose track of time when you’re creating!

classroom clocks

Source: Heather Tyre

15. When it’s all hands on deck.

Time to learn.

classroom clocks

Source: Evimin Altintopu

16. When you want to remind them, without having to say it out loud.

Middle schoolers will especially appreciate the snarky humor.

classroom clocks

Source: Clocks on Pinterest

17. When there’s no other explanation other than being trendy.

I mustache you to pay attention to the time!

classroom clocks

Source: Creative Teaching Press

18. When they need to keep track of important times.

Learning to pace your work time is a valuable skill.

classroom clocks

Source: Just Add Clipart

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