18 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Classroom Clock

Time to get creative!

18 Ways to Dress Up Your Classroom Clock

Keeping track of time is an essential part of keeping your classroom running smoothly. So why just settle for the ordinary standard-issue classroom clock? Here are 18 fun, creative ideas that will actually make it a pleasure to keep your eye on the clock.

1. When you want to remind your students what it’s all about.

Because it’s always time to be kind.

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Source: ThinkGrowWiggle

2. And what an important part of the classroom community they are.

Every single one.

classroom clocks

Source: Facebook

3. When you want them to work for it, just a little bit.


Always learning.

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Source: EdGalaxy

4. So you don’t have to answer the question a million times. 

See for yourself!

classroom clocks

Source: PeaceLoveLearning

5. When you want a rainbow of fun.

This one just makes us smile.

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Source: Sharpies, Paint and Paper

6. When they’re still growing their time-telling skills.

A fresh approach.

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Source: She Knows

7. When you want to keep them grounded in learning.

It’s easy to let time get away from you.

classroom clocks

Source: Teaching Ideas on Pinterest

8. Finally! A good use for those tiny pencils.

Love how this one introduces the quarter and half concepts.

classroom clocks

Source: Pencils on Pinterest

9. When you want to add pops of color to a bland space.

Although these look distractingly like Skittles.

classroom clocks

Source: Pequieocio

10. When you’re coordinating with the class mascot.

Aw, irresistibly cute.

classroom clocks

Source: Pinterest

11. When you want to inspire.

All awesome. All day.

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Source: EatWriteTeach

12. When you finally find a use for all those stray marker caps.

Telling time has never looked so pretty!

classroom clocks

Source: TinyArtRoom

13. When it’s time to create.

Roy G. Biv approved.

classroom clocks

Source: 3BBlogspot

14. When you want to give them wings.

Easy to lose track of time when you’re creating!

classroom clocks

Source: Heather Tyre

15. When it’s all hands on deck.

Time to learn.

classroom clocks

Source: Evimin Altintopu

16. When you want to remind them, without having to say it out loud.

Middle schoolers will especially appreciate the snarky humor.

classroom clocks

Source: Clocks on Pinterest

17. When there’s no other explanation other than being trendy.

I mustache you to pay attention to the time!

classroom clocks

Source: Creative Teaching Press

18. When they need to keep track of important times.

Learning to pace your work time is a valuable skill.

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Source: Just Add Clipart

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18 Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Classroom Clock