Free Poster: 7 Questions Students Should Ask Before Saying ‘I’m Done’

Stop your students from rushing through their work.

Free Poster: Checklist for Turning in Work

Sometimes, classwork feels like a race among students, doesn’t it? They want to get through it quickly so they can move on to the next task. We feel your pain. So we created a poster to remind your students of the questions they should ask themselves before they say they’re done. It can serve as a handy checklist for turning in work.

Download the full-sized poster here.

1. Is my name on it?

This might be the most important question on the list.

2. Can I say this is my best effort?

Challenge your students to give their best every time.

3. Did I follow all the directions?

This one is so essential. All directions must be followed!

4. Is it neat and organized?

If not, it’s time to straighten it up.

5. Did I double-check everything?


We all need to look back at our work.

6. Did I do the bare minimum?

Get your students to go that extra mile.

7. Is there anything I can improve?

This is a great final question they should ask before they turn in their work.

Download the full-sized poster here.