We Need It Now More Than Ever—Challenge Your Class To Become Certified Kind

Inspired by the beloved book Wonder.

Sponsored By Random House Children’s Books
Certified Kind flyer and a glass mason jar full of blue marbles with a blue label that reads, "Choose Kind."

The world is a hard place right now, and we could all use a little more kindness. So when our friends at Random House Children’s Books told us about their 2020-21 Certified Kind Classroom Challenge, we knew we had to share.

Here’s how it works

  • Inspired by the beloved book Wonder by R.J. Palacio, invite your class to take the Certified Kind Classroom Challenge.
  • Label an incentive jar with a Certified Kind label (if you’re teaching remotely, you can use a virtual jar or document).
  • Every time you witness a kind deed or action, add a marble to the jar. 
  • When your jar is full, submit the Google Form here to be entered to win all kinds of fun prizes, and to be added to the Certified Kind registry.

Your class can do the Certified Kind Classroom Challenge whether you are teaching in-person, hybrid, or remotely

For remote learners, you might spend some time discussing what kind deeds look like in that setting (paying someone a compliment, for example, or providing a forgotten link or password).

The sweepstakes prizes are pretty amazing, too

Once you’ve submitted your Google Form, you will be eligible to win one of five amazing prize packages, which includes a $500 donation to the charity of your choice, a classroom pizza party, Wonder-themed goodies for your school, and more!

Start spreading the kindness at your school by clicking the orange button below.

Yes, I Want My Class to Become Certified Kind