Catch the Excitement

Take your students’ breath away—then leave them with a million things to say.

Know that giddy, heart-bursting, people-are-starting-to-look-at-you way you talk about your favorite topic? That’s how students talk about their EF tours. Here’s a look at what we mean:

Want to learn more about these apathy-erasing, curiosity-sparking, run-on-sentence-inducing experiences? Take a second to catch your breath. Then, read some of EF’s traveler stories and browse through hundreds of EF tours you can take (and talk on and on about) with your students.

Posted by EF Tours

The team at EF Educational Tours is an innovative, globally-minded crew of lifelong learners and curious explorers. We are teachers’ biggest fans (some of us are former teachers ourselves!), and we’re passionate about helping students see the world. Want to learn more about how EF partners with schools like yours? We’d love to introduce ourselves.