These Videos for Kids Can Help Teach Them About Careers in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Calling all future scientists, journalists, and more.

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We know that you often just don’t have time in the school day to go beyond the standards. Enter: WittyWe, a cool video-based learning environment where kids can learn all about the topics that interest them most in a way that will inspire them to do big things.  Below, we’ve highlighted some awesome career videos for kids that can help expose students to the learning they crave.

1. For future doctors

Give your aspiring medical professionals a glimpse into their future with an awesome suite of videos about health-related topics, including information and activities about growth and development, dental hygiene and even those pesky allergies. (And while the kids who complete the videos and activities in WittyWe Young Doctor’s program won’t get an official license to practice medicine, you’ll certainly know who to call next time your class hamster gets sick.)

2. For future businesspeople and entrepreneurs

You know that kid who is always thinking outside of the box? The one who turned your school’s annual bake sale into the fundraising event of the year? Or how about the one who has already started his own graphic design company?  Now, think about what little Joe Founder could do if you gave him a wide background on economics and a little bit of instruction on how to create a business plan, how to incorporate a business and even how to raise capital. (Which, by the way, would mean even more cupcakes for sale at next year’s bake sale.)

3. For future lawyers

We’ve all known an argumentative kid who seems destined for the courtroom. It might be a good idea to start now with lessons on what exactly is the law and how the legal system is structured, or lessons on democracy. Once your future lawyer is done, put her in charge of setting up a student government in your class. (And if she needs to keep up her learning to stay on top of classroom lawmakers and breakers, she can watch the whole WittyWe law series here.)

4. For future scientists

Give students a telescopic glimpse into the future with some fun science-related videos and activities including this awesome biology, space science, evolution, physics, and loads of fun facts and information about the universe.

5. For future teachers and professors

Do you have a student who always volunteers to help kids who are struggling? This kid will make a perfect teacher, and you can give him a jump-start on his career by filling his brain with interesting and useful information about history, environmental science, geography and much more.

6. For future journalists

For those students who love to write for the school newspaper or broadcast on the school tv or radio shows, and who are always looking at the latest news, WittyWe offers cool lessons in media and communication like forms of communication, the media’s role in society, democracy and politics and even some lessons on marketing communication!

What video resources do you use to teach students about careers?