17 Great Ideas for Your Classroom Calm-Down Kit

These are now classroom must-haves!

Calm down kit items

Are you working on a calm-down kit for your classroom this year? They are a great way to help students when they need to take a break, breathe, and calm down so they can continue their day. These are especially helpful for students with sensory processing needs. We have pulled together some creative, helpful, and teacher-approved products that will start or complete any calm-down kit needs.

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1. Fidget and Sensory Kit

Calm Down Kit - Fidget and Sensory

Sure, there are sensory bin hacks and DIY versions of these products, but if you’re pressed for time, this is a nice option at a good price. The kit comes with water beads, water lava bubbles, color-changing silly putty, a narwhal, and a stretchy ring. Grab a few kits and your students will be on the path to calm in no time. You can also get more fidget toy ideas here.

2. Stress Relief Balloons

Calm Down Kit - Stress Balloons

This is part project/part stress relief. When you assemble the stress balls, you’ll have an opportunity to sneak in a quick science lesson: How do the beads expand? How long will it take? How many water beads will fit into each balloon? Once the stress balls are made, each student will then have their own go-to calm-down toy.


3. Fidget Spinners

17 Great Ideas for Your Classroom Calm Down Kit

Some classrooms have banned them, but you may want to consider keeping a fidget spinner or two in your calm-down kit. They help soothe the mind and settle a fidgety student.

4. Monkey Noodles


Calm Down Kit - Monkey Noodles

These stretchy bands are the perfect tool to encourage mindfulness. Dubbed fidget strings or monkey noodles, the noodles are ideal for children with ADHD or anxiety, and the tough material can withstand all sorts of pinching, stretching, and other manipulations. As a bonus, twist a few bands together to pull and you’ve got yourself a good arm exercise.

5. Magic Sand

Calm Down Kit - Kinetic Sand

Sandboxes are often marketed toward younger children, particularly toddlers, but magic sand can be the perfect addition to encourage mindfulness. Students can easily become mesmerized by the way the sand flows and stays together. It’s a great activity for helping students forget about their stress and simply relax. Stow the sand in a box or plastic bin for easy clean up.

6. Stress Balls

Calm Down Kit - Stress Balls

There’s a reason stress relief balls are still popular: They work! Stress relief balls double as a calm-down method and a therapeutic sensory toy for students with ADHD or anxiety. Plus, these stress balls are just plain old fun to mush around in your hands! There are so many options out there, but we’re a big fan of these emoji ones. Or learn how you can make your own in this DIY stress balls article.

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Calm Down Kit - Headphones

Sometimes calming down isn’t about doing something to calm down; sometimes it’s about not doing. If a student is feeling stressed and overwhelmed, these noise-canceling headphones can provide a quiet sanctuary in the middle of a busy classroom.

8. Expanding Ball

Calm Down Kit - Expanding Ball

Expanding balls make a great addition to your mindfulness bin or chill-out corner. Toss a ball back and forth between friends or use it as a solitary toy to encourage and visualize slow, deep breaths. This set comes with two balls that both expand up to 12 inches.

9. Thinking Putty

Calm Down Kit - Thinking Putty

Which Thinking Putty will you try? The Cosmic Thinking Putty comes with a glow charger, but this isn’t the only super cool putty. There is magnetic putty, glowing putty, color-changing putty, and optical illusion putty. Grab a few tins, and your students will be relaxed and peaceful in no time.

10. Cards for Calm

Calm Down Kit - Cards

Ideal for students who can read independently, the Cards for Calm game doesn’t just distract your students; the cards actually teach them how to practice mindfulness and manage any stress, anxiety, and negative thinking. It can be played with multiple students or as a single-player game.

11.  Unicorn Squishy

Calm Down Kit - Unicorn Squishy

Who says all squishy stress relievers have to come in ball form? This unicorn squishy is so cute! Bonus: This unicorn doesn’t have plastic smell that many polyurethane toys have … and did we mention it’s tear-resistant?

12. Weighted Blanket

Calm Down Kit - Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are well known for their ability to help children (and even adults) calm down. This blanket would make a great addition to your reading corner. What’s better than a book and blanket to just chill out? Available in 15, 20, and 25 pounds.

13. Weighted Lap Pad

17 Great Ideas for Your Classroom Calm Down Kit

Don’t want to invest in a blanket? A weighted lap pad can also do the trick. These colorful pads also have different textures to further extend sensory benefits.

14. Coloring Books

Calm Down Kit - Coloring

Adult coloring books are all the rage, and for good reason: They help adults relax. However, adult coloring books aren’t just for adults. Older students (who already know how to color within the lines) will also benefit from these types of coloring books. You’ll want to keep lots of colored pencils (grab a 72-piece kit here) on hand for these projects.

15. Bubble Timer

Calm Down Kit - Bubble Timer

Sometimes you need something really visual to help you take a break and get yourself centered again. These are similar to glitter jars you can make yourself, but this one is all set and ready to go.

16. Snap and Click Fidget Toys

Calm Down Kit Fidget Click

These are great for general fidgeting, but they’re also good for those who like puzzles. They come with a set of four that can be broken apart and snapped together again, to give students a bit of a brain break.

17. Fidget Toys Kit

17 Great Ideas for Your Classroom Calm Down Kit

Here’s another kit that is worth a try. If you’re unsure what your students will respond to, this has plenty of options! You get 19 pieces in all, and they’re all great for fidgeting or as part of a calm-down kit.

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17 Great Ideas for Your Classroom Calm Down Kit