Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet Bundle (Free Printables)

Anatomy diagrams, matching game, interactive booklet, and more!

Collection of free printable life cycle of a butterfly worksheets and activities
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The life cycle of the butterfly is a fascinating subject, one that kids usually study several times throughout their school years. This free printable butterfly worksheet bundle offers easy activities for all ages, including a color-cut-paste booklet for younger learners and anatomy worksheets and matching games for older students. Learn more about what’s included in our free printable Life Cycle of a Butterfly worksheet bundle below, and grab your own copy by filling out the quick form on this page.

Free Life Cycle of a Butterfly Printables

Life Cycle of a Butterfly printable worksheet, showing cartoon images of each stage of the life cycle in a circle
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Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheet

Use this worksheet to make the popular paper plate life cycle craft (click for video directions), or as a visual aid that kids can add their own notes to. (Get more free life cycle printables here.)

3 pages from the Life Cycle of a Butterfly free printable booklet
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Life Cycle of a Butterfly Booklet

This booklet is a fantastic interactive project, with something to color, cut out, and paste on every single page! Kids learn about each life cycle stage, plus interesting facts about butterflies, caterpillars, and more.

2 pages of a butterfly matching game, one with 9 pictures of butterflies and one with 9 pictures of caterpillars
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Butterfly and Caterpillar Matching Game

Each kind of butterfly has its very own larva (caterpillar), and they all look different. Put your memory skills to the test with this matching game and learn nine common butterflies and their corresponding caterpillars.

Three pages of a butterfly anatomy worksheet bundle
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Butterfly Anatomy Worksheets

Our bundle includes two versions of these anatomy worksheets. The easier version has fewer parts to label and includes a word bank to help kids fill in the blanks. The more advanced worksheet has additional parts, plus a graphic organizer on the back so students can take notes.

Three pages of a caterpillar anatomy worksheet bundle
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Caterpillar Anatomy Worksheets

Just like the butterfly worksheets, these caterpillar anatomy printables come in two versions. Older students can take on the challenge of naming details on the head and will find the included graphic organizer handy for jotting down key information.

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