16 Series Perfect for Kids Who Adore Dog Man

What to read after Dav Pilkey’s beloved series.

16 Series Perfect for Kids Who Like Dog Man Books

It’s easy to see why the Dog Man graphic novels by Dav Pilkey are longtime favorites of kids everywhere. Half man and half dog, Dog Man gets himself into plenty of tough, but hilarious, situations while fighting villains and saving his family and community. Many parents and teachers report that Dog Man is “the” series that ignites a love of reading in their kids. Here are plenty more books like Dog Man to keep kids reading long after the bad guys are behind bars.

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1. Real Pigeons series by Andrew McDonald

Book cover for The Real Pigeons Fight Crime as an example of books like Dog Man

This series has laughs, clever crimefighting, and it has the unlikeliest of heroes: pigeons! These are good for easing kids into reading chapter books independently.

2. Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon

Book cover for Dragonbreath Book 1 as an example of books like Dog Man

The antics of Danny Dragonbreath and his friend Wendell are genuinely funny. Danny can’t breathe fire (yet), but he is a master of witty banter, and his spirit of adventure always carries him through. The comic book-style pages draw kids in, and there’s plenty of readable early chapter book text to keep building their reading stamina.

3. Notebook of Doom series by Troy Cummings

Book cover for The Notebook of Doom Rise of the Balloon Goons as an example of books like Dog Man

When Alexander moves to a creepy new town and finds a notebook filled with drawings of weird monsters, he gets thrown into a task he never expected: fighting them off. Heavily illustrated chapter book pages make these fast-paced and enticing, just like Dog Man.



4. Haggis and Tank series by Jessica Young

Book cover for Haggis and Tank All Paws on Deck as an example of books like Dog Man

If an affinity for lovable canines is what brought kids to books like Dog Man, this drooling, adventurous pair of characters will please them, too. (This series is also a great suggestion if younger kids have picked up Dog Man books but aren’t actually quite ready to read and appreciate them yet.) Whatever the imaginative adventure, Haggis and Tank are there for it.

5. My Weird School graphic novel series by Dan Gutman

Book cover for Mr. Corbett is in Orbit My Weird School Graphic Novel as an example of Books Like Dog Man

These ever-popular zany early chapter books have now joined the graphic novel club! In the first installment, what starts out as a normal science lesson quickly gets…weird. This is a prime chance to introduce kids to Dan Gutman, an author whose offerings definitely rival Dav Pilkey for kid appeal!

6. Caveboy Dave series by Aaron Reynolds

Bok cover for Caveboy Dave More Scrawny Than Brawny as an example of books like Dog Man

Here’s a funny coming-of-age graphic novel series with prehistoric flair. Both kid and adult readers report laughing out loud at the situations in which Caveboy Dave Unga-Bunga finds himself.

7. Max Meow series by John Gallagher

Book cover for Max Meow Cat Crusader as an example of books like Dog man

Some kids love books like Dog Man for their fantastic elements. When Max visits his friend’s secret lab, he gains superpowers and becomes the Cat Crusader, ready to save Kittyopolis—and hook readers for sure.

8. Lunch Lady series by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Book cover for Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute as an example of books like Dog Man

Every kid wonders about the secret lives of the adults. This school’s maven of the cafeteria is also a crusader for justice! These books are like Dog Man with their tales of an underdog bravely taking down villainous plots.

9. The Yeti Files series by Kevin Sherry

Book cover for The Yeti Files Book 1 as an example of books like Dog Man

Just as Dog Man can feel like a bit of an outcast with his neither human nor animal status, so does yeti Blizz Richards. This cryptid-helping character is one kids will love!

10. The Bad Guys by Aaron Blabey

Book cover for The Bad Guys Book 1 as an example of books like Dog Man

This ragtag crew of a shark, wolf, snake, and piranha are desperately trying to change their Bad Guy reputations. They get themselves into perilous, and usually bizarre, situations but make it through with lots of friendly ragging between buddies and a heavy dose of fart-themed humor.

11. Mac B., Kid Spy by Mac Barnett

Book cover for Mac B. Kid Spy Mac Undercover as an example of books like Dog Man

This is a good choice for kids who love Dog Man for its themes around outsmarting bad guys. This series is a hilarious spoof on 80s video game culture. Preteen Mac Barnett works as a spy for Queen Elizabeth II and has frequent run-ins with the elusive “KGB Man.” The books have heavily illustrated, very short chapters, which serve as a nice transition from straight-up graphic novels.

12. InvestiGators series by John Patrick Green

Book cover for The InvestiGators Book 1

Secret agents who travel via sewer system, tons of punny wordplay, and bright, bold graphics? It’s easy to see why fans of books like Dog Man love this new series.

13. Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat series by Johnny Marciano

Book cover for Klawde Evil Alien Warlord Cat Book 1

Kids love the snappiness of cat Klawde, exiled from his home planet to earth, and Raj, a kid begrudgingly adjusting to life in a new town. This graphic novel series covers real-life themes of friendship and fitting in, mixed with plenty of out-of-this-world zing!

14. Max and the Midknights series by Lincoln Pierce

Book cover for Max and the MidKnights Book 1

There comes a time in every young reader’s life when they must graduate from Dog Man to another series. This one about a kid who dreams of being a knight, from the author of the popular Big Nate books, fits the bill.

15. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Graphic Novel series by Rick Riordan and Robert Venditti

Book cover for The Lightning Thief The Graphic Novel

For some kids, Dog Man is the toe-dip that kids need to start reading more enthusiastically. Use the graphic novel genre as a bridge to another tried-and-true kid-approved adventure series to introduce kids to a whole new set of reading possibilities.

16. Mighty Jack Trilogy by Ben Hatke

Book cover for Mighty Jack Book 1

Jack is a regular kid who gets pulled through a portal into a conflict-filled fairy tale world. This series is a good next step for older Dog Man readers who still like a solid mix of silly and exciting content. Kids also love the partner series Zita the Spacegirl from the same author.

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16 Series Perfect for Kids Who Adore Dog Man