19 Black Teachers on Instagram to Listen To and Learn From

We are strongest when we learn from our peers.

Black Teachers on Instagram

In a pervasive climate of racism and inequality, these 19 educators have made a difference in their field and in their communities. We’re centering the voices of these Black teachers because of their lived experiences in and outside of the classroom. We’re sharing the work that they do to provide an example to all educators who might be thinking about ways to engage in this critical work in their own classrooms. Learn from their words, buy the resources they create and recommend, and make a commitment to being the educator your students deserve during this important time.


black teachers on instagram

  • 3rd Grade Teacher & eduBlogger.
  • Must-read post: Be enlightened as Tamara explains why “kindness without justice is bondage, NOT liberation.”


black teachers on instagram

  • Middle School ELA Teacher & Reparations advocate.
  • Must-read post: Every single teacher should read Tanesha’s post about why “being an anti-racist educator is a verb.”



black teachers on instagram

  • Elementary School Teacher and Advocate. 
  • Must-read post: Read this powerful response to those who try to say Martin Luther King Jr. would not approve of the current protests. 


  • Kinder Teacher, Book Influencer, and Presenter.
  • Must-read post: Vera shares Step Into Your Power, “a book geared for children in grades 5 and up, it breaks down how young people can learn how to take action, express themselves and ask for help.”


black teachers on instagram

  • K-12 Educator, National Presenter, Educational Content Creator.
  • Must-read post: LaNesha breaks down the reasons why white people feel they can lay claim to what Martin Luther King Jr. would or wouldn’t do (along with screenshots of people arguing with MLK’s son on Twitter). 


  • Woke Kindergarten – liberation is the goal, abolition is the journey.
  • Must-read post: Ki discusses why “there is nothing cute or normal about little Black children having to march and fight for their lives.”


black teachers on instagram

  • Vice president, Durham Association of Educators.
  • Must-read post: Get educated about why “it’s time for Black athletes to leave white universities.” 


  • 2nd Grade Teacher who helps “teachers tame their classrooms one idea at a time.”
  • Must-read post: We should all read Jasmine’s “Top 5 Things White Teachers Can Do To Dismantle Racism.”


  • 1st Grade Teacher, Resource Creator.
  • Must-read post: Princess shares some of the ways you can show your love by taking action.


  • Kindergarten teacher that loves her coffee, picture books, and traveling.
  • Must-read post: Ms. Adams asks the important question: “Why does it matter if they’re zoned to the school?”


  • Educator K-3, Presenter & Speaker.
  • Must-read post: Do not miss the opportunity to learn, understand, and recognize what “racial gaslighting sounds like.” 


Black Teachers on Instagram

  • Educator and Artrepreneur. 
  • Must-read post: Amy marched holding a sign that said “I Fight So My Students Won’t Have To.” Read her words.


Black Teachers on Instagram

  • Teacher, Speaker, and Activist.
  • Must-read post: This “inspirational justice video for my educators of color and conscience, especially my Black educators.”


Black Teachers on Instagram

  • Elementary Teacher in Baltimore City Schools.
  • Must-read post: Black Mental Health Matters. Mr. Suaray openly discusses “how mental health and therapy has affected me during my first year teaching and overall as a black man.”


Black Teachers on Instagram

  • 4th Grade Teacher, PROUD LGBTQ+ WOMAN.
  • Must-read post: Tamara dives deep into what comes after this important question: “So, you followed a Black educator and you posted the black square. Now what?”


  • Math Teacher. Former Collegiate Athlete.
  • Must-read post: Everyone should watch this video on system racism and how the history impacts today’s students.


  • K-5 Instructional Coach. Self-care/KidLitReviewer.
  • Must-read post: Inspire a generation of young readers with this quote by Gwendolyn Brooks, “one of the most highly regarded, influential, and widely read poets of 20th-century American poetry.”


  • 2nd Year Texas Teacher: 4th grade.
  • Must-read post: Be reminded why, as teachers, “Our VOICE IS IMPORTANT!!! Protests play an important part in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural life of all societies.”


  • Backpacking across the USA to see what’s working & what’s not in our education system.
  • Must-read post: Consider why “Love. Hope. Forgiveness. Vulnerability.” are important things to bring to your classroom.

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19 Black Teachers on Instagram to Listen To and Learn From