All The Best Classroom Decorations From Target

Refresh your classroom with these Target favorites.

All The Best Classroom Decorations From Target

We’ve handpicked the best classroom decorations from Target that you NEED this year! Check out these awesome options and add them to your online cart. From colorful banners and bulletin items to lamps and wallpaper, we’ve got Target decor covered.

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Bright wall pockets

Bright colorful wall pockets for classroom

Great for handing out papers or extra copies. Get organized this school year with these wall pockets.

Buy it: Bright wall pockets

Shine On pillow

Shine on pillow in black at Target

How adorable is this pillow? Add it to your reading corner or favorite cozy chair for a quick, $5 upgrade.


Buy it: Shine On pillow

Colorful alphabet line

Colorful alphabet bulletin board set

A great find for your elementary classroom! For just $8, pick up this colorful classroom addition.

Buy it: Colorful alphabet line


Pocket charts

5 count pocket charts

Colorful pocket charts? Yes, please. Get this set of 5 for $15.

Buy it: Pocket charts

Confetti banner

White and gold confetti banner from Target

We love this gold confetti design! Add your favorite back-to-school message with the 25 banner pieces provided.

Buy it: Confetti banner

Weather bulletin board set

55 piece weather bulletin board set from Target

This 55 piece set has everything you need to talk about the weather each morning. Dress up the panda with different outfits according to the weather for some classroom fun for under $8.

Buy it: Weather bulletin board set

Today’s Weather magnets

Today's weather magnet set

How cute are these? Assign a classroom weather person to update the weather each day. Plus, these are conveniently magnetic for your whiteboard. 7 pieces for only $4.

Buy it: Today’s Weather magnets

Planner board

Decor framed 4-in-1 planner board from Target

This 4-in-1 frame will keep you organized with spaces for monthly and weekly tasks as well as a checklist. Hang this near your teacher desk to make sure you get everything done for the day.

Buy it: Planner Board

Numbers 0-120 bulletin board set

Numbers 0-120 bulletin board set

We are loving this bright number line! Add a pop of color to your classroom walls with this 16 piece set.

Buy it: Numbers 0-120 bulletin board set

Flower garland

Flower Garland at Target

This adorable flower garland is hard to resist at only $5. Spice up a plain wall with this option.

Buy it: Flower garland

Wall decal set

Classroom wall decal set

Get your classroom set up with this all-inclusive decal set. Weather, days of the week, U.S. landmarks, months, the alphabet, and more are ready for your walls.

Buy it: Wall decal set

Apple and pencil borders

Apple and pencil borders from Target

Perfect for your back-to-school classroom, these bright colors are everything! Choose your favorite for just 5 bucks.

Buy it: Apple border, Pencil border

Kid-friendly lamps

Kids lamps with stripes and polka dots at Target

Bring new lighting into your classroom with these fun lamps. Pick them up in different colored stripes or polka dots for $10 each.

Buy it: Kid-friendly striped lamps, Kid-friendly polka dot lamps

Star garland

Star Garland at Target

Your students are stars! Show them with this shiny garland.

Buy it: Star garland

Supply organizers

Long storage trays for supplies

Grab one of these for your desk, students’ desks, or cubbies. Easily fit pens, pencils, scissors, and glue sticks to keep them from rolling about the classroom for $2 each.

Buy it: Peach supply organizers, Grey supply organizers, White supply organizers

Animal storage bins

Animal storage bins from Target

These cute bins are great for classroom toys! Plus, they’re collapsable for easy storage.

Buy it: Animal storage bins

Days of the Week magnet set

Days of the week magnet set

Switch the day of the week in seconds during your morning prep. This set also includes a space for tomorrow and yesterday to teach the days of the week.

Buy it: Days of the Week magnet set

Peel and stick wallpaper

Peel and stick wall paper selection at Target

Feeling adventurous? Switch up one of your classroom walls with these beautiful wallpaper designs. The black polka dots and tropical ferns are some of our favorites!

Buy it: Peel and stick wallpaper

Bulletin board set

Classroom bulletin board set

Classroom rules, the alphabet, sight words, maps, borders, and more! You can’t go wrong with this set with so many options for $10.

Buy it: Bulletin board set

Fairy lights with clips

Fairy lights with silver clothes pin clips

Adorable fairy lights can also display student work or photos with these clips! Choose from silver, gold, clear, or blonde wood.

Buy it: Fairy lights with clips

Name tags and desk decals

Name tags and desk decal set

These name tags with personalized goals sheets are so awesome for your students. Keep them engaged with included book reading scratch-offs and student award papers.

Buy it: Name tags and desk decals

Rainbow garland

Rainbow garland pack from Target

This $5 find is too cute not to include in your classroom decor. Check out more rainbow decor ideas here.

Buy it: Rainbow garland

Wall organizer

Mesh wall organizer for supplies for Target

Need extra space? Use this wall organizer for extra student supplies or easy access to your teaching materials in different areas of the classroom.

Buy it: Wall organizer

LED vine lights

Curtain vine lights from Target

Vine decorations are so trendy right now. Cover up a plain wall with this fun accessory.

Buy it: LED vine lights

Castle decals

Castle wall decals

Perfect for your classroom play areas, these decals are sure to excite elementary students.

Buy it: Castle decals

Large paper flowers

Large paper flower decoration from Target

Cute and colorful classroom decor for only $6!

Buy it: Paper flowers

Shower curtains

Shower curtains from Target

Yes, you read that right. Have you ever thought of using patterned shower curtains as classroom decor? They can be relatively inexpensive, plus you can wash and reuse them! Target has lots of fun options for $10 or less from Room Essentials. Find other fun hacks like this one with our big list of Instagram-worthy hacks.

Buy it: Polka dot shower curtain, Grey shower curtain

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All The Best Classroom Decorations From Target