8 Star Wars Bulletin Boards That Are Out of This World

These ARE the bulletin boards you’re looking for!

8 Star Wars Bulletin Boards That Are out of This World

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is,” says Yoda, and we agree. In fact, the little green guy was full of amazing wisdom to share, making him a valuable addition to any classroom.

You’ll find plenty of Yoda on these Star Wars bulletin boards, along with Jedi learning tricks, larger-than-life droids, and more. Go on, use the Force to make your classroom the perfect place for young Padawans!

1. Welcome your younglings.


Every Padawan will love being welcomed by the lovable R2-D2! Hang students’ photos (holding light sabers, perhaps?) on the first day to personalize your classroom.

2. Feel the power of the Force mindset.

Star Wars Bulletin Boards Twitter Mrs Ramsay

Source: Mrs Ramsay / Twitter


The Force will be with you as you help students understand the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Get the mindset graphics from TeacherPaulP, then create a bulletin board with your little Yodas.

3. Train Jedis to ace the tests.

Star Wars Bulletin Boards Polk Students

Give young Jedis confidence to face any challenge with a Star Wars bulletin board of test tips. Some of our favorites: “You have been trained all year and are ready,” and “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

4. Show your Jedi masters some love.


Source: Polk Students

Teachers spend their days like Yoda, passing on what they have learned. Give them a shout-out with a bulletin board their students will love too.

5. Use the Force for good. 

Star Wars Bulletin Boards Pinterest Malinda Phillips

Source: Pinterest / Malinda Phillips

As Yoda says, “Control, control, you must learn control!” Help your students understand your expectations with a Jedi code of conduct based on the Force. (This one was created for a music classroom; customize yours to suit your own class.)

6. Embrace your technological side.


Don’t make technology part of the Dark Side! Teach students to use it responsibly and effectively, starting with this fun board.

7. Witness the power of reading.

Star Wars Bulletin Boards Sarah Svarda Pinterest

Source: Sarah Svardha / Pinterest

Celebrate the annual Star Wars Reads Day with a bulletin board featuring #bookselfies. Yoda ears optional but highly encouraged!

8. Roll the credits. 

Star Wars Bulletin Boards EweHooo

Source: EweHooo!

Showcase your school staff like the stars they are! Bonus points for creating a paper curtain border.

Need more inspiration? Check out this amazing roundup of bulletin board ideas. 

Plus, if you have Star Wars bulletin boards to share, post them on Instagram with the hashtag #StarWarsBulletinBoard, and we’ll keep this list growing! 

8 Star Wars Bulletin Boards That Are Out of This World