The Best Science Websites for Elementary Students

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Finding the best science websites for elementary school kids isn’t always easy! Whether it’s to bridge the gap over the coming months or to enhance classroom efforts in the years ahead, here are some excellent science sites for students, teachers, and parents. We’ve also put together an amazing collection of science experiments for grades K-8 to start putting some of these concepts into action!

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Best Science Video Websites

Kids Science

How to examples -- science websites for elementary

With cool videos like “How to Read Hieroglyphics” and a Junior Vets series (including clips from Robert Irwin, the son of late Steve Irwin of The Crocodile Hunter fame) young learners will be transfixed by YouTube channel which features fun experiments, cool facts, and DIY projects.

OK Go Sandbox

OK Go music video, a man floating with two women on either side of him.

The OK Go has created some of the most intriguing music videos of our time. They bring their unique genius to these viral videos on science lessons about gravity, math, simple machines, sensors, chain reactions, and more. Further resources include videos, activities, and PDF lesson plans.

Mystery Science


A fire-breathing dragon with a crossed-out symbol around its face.

Who’s ready to solve some mysteries? This site encourages young learners to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to real-life scenarios. For example, “Were dragons ever real?” “How do germs get inside your body?” “Who invented pizza?” You’ll spark some engaging conversations when you work through digital video mini-lessons designed for K-5. It’s always free, but they’ve put together a special list of lessons grade-by-grade that are perfect for remote learning. 

Nature Works Everywhere

A teacher speaking to a group of children in a video -- science websites for elementary

With resources designed for grades 3-5, these videos take kids on a fantastic journey. Will they explore a coastal temperate rainforest from a canoe? How about discovering the secret life of corals in the Dominican Republic? They’ll find all that and more in these standards-aligned lessons on the site!


Science Max

A woman in an anti-gravity machine, simulating flying.

With new videos every Thursday, this YouTube channel makes learning about science messy, silly, and fun! Want to see a bridge made out of pasta? Can you really build a rocket car? They won’t get enough of this engaging host and his thoroughly entertaining experiments!

SciShow Kids

SciShow kids YouTube video screen-grab of a woman speaking.

This great YouTube channel “explores all those curious topics that make us ask ‘why?'” Join Jessi and her robot rat, Squeaks, for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday as they cover a wide range of intriguing topics. For example, “The World’s Ugliest Animal” and “The Coolest Machine Ever!”

Best Science Websites for Experiments

Project Noah

Project Noah website screengrab.

Help kids understand their role as “global citizens” on this site which connects students and instructors from around the world. You’ll find a focus on discovering and identifying wildlife. And, students can choose a mission, conduct the research, explore their surroundings, and contribute to the global pool. Sharing is caring!

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Looking for grade-specific science activities that are perfect for K-5? Introduce your kindergarten class to “Weather and Sky” or share a lesson on our “Changing Earth” with fourth-graders. You’ll feel prepared by the literacy articles, at-home science activities, reports on science in the news, and PDF printouts you’ll find on this site.

Technovation Families

An airplane flying through the elements H2O, CH4, HCF5, N2O, CFC5.

As this site states, “Children are the future. So is Artificial Intelligence.” More than 80% of parents recognize that technology will play a growing role in their child’s life. And, this site provides resources to prepare for the jobs of the future. Engage elementary school students with activities they can do at home. Using a series of videos or mini-projects as a guide, they’ll transform household objects into exciting designs. For example, projects include no-wire circuits, mini aircraft, sound makers, and more.

Best Websites for Virtual Science Field Trips

25 Amazing Virtual Field Trips for KidsTwo sharks swimming around a pool of fish.

Without having to ever step outside, students can still take advantage of enriching field trips. How? Technology brings the very best zoos, aquariums, and more to kids in the comfort of their own classroom (or home). They can locate planets and visit egg farms from anywhere! One of our best science websites for elementary student round-ups!

Nature Webcams

A panda laying out on a rock -- science websites for elementary

Help budding scientists hone their observation skills by checking out these incredible nature webcams which let them get up close and personal with adorable pandas and mesmerizing jellyfish. These great resources give kids the opportunity to learn about animals in their habitats.

University of California Museum of Paleontology

Fossil partially dug out of the dirt.

Visit classic paleontological field sites through the incredible EPICC Virtual Fieldwork Experiences (VFEs). Then, check out the K–12 resources and high-interest activities like “What did T. rex taste like?” This is a great website of resources on Earth’s history, evolution, and fossil records.

Best Science Websites for Lesson Plans

Cambium Learning

"Online solutions for distance learning." From explore learning.

Teachers and parents can access the most popular digital learning products from three different portals—Science A-Z, Gizmos, Science 4-Us  . These include a wide array of books, experiments, lessons, and materials designed to put science in every student’s hands.

Climate Kids

Image from outer space with outer-space drones and satellites.

Brought to you by NASA, this site introduces younger children to scientific principles in the natural world around them. With live and up-to-date data on climate change, you can explore the simplified concepts through activities, videos, and games. The engaging lessons include everything from “10 Interesting Things About Glaciers” to learning how to harness solar power to “Make Sun S’mores!”

Community Resources for Science

Struggling with distance learning? This incredible site’s resources include titles such as “Teaching Science At Home: A Survival Guide for Parents” and “Science Is A Family Affair.” Take a deep breath and dive in, we’re all in this together.


Examples of activities for grades Kindergarten- 5th grade -- science websites for elementary

A unique inquiry-based, learner-directed science curriculum that connects ALL K-5 students to science. Furthermore, you can capitalize on their creativity and curiosity at a time when they ask, “What do I want to do when I grow up?”

Kids Discover Online

Different tabs of Discover Kids Online, like "Galactic Myths and Legends", "Vitamins and minerals", "Important events of the revolution"

This library of science and social studies articles allows differentiation by reading level, so you can use these articles for various age and skill levels. Schools and districts closed due to the outbreak can request free unlimited access to Kids Discover Online here.

National Science Digital Library

National Science Digital Library search engine.

This digital library is powerful and user-friendly, so you can really dig through the extensive collections for what you need. A large repository of primary sources, you’ll find lesson plans, homework assignments, and activities from a wide variety of other resources.

National Geographic Education

National Geographic Education search engine.

Tune in for the site’s daily broadcasts on engaging topics such as “Deep See Amphipods” and “The Power of Microbes”. In addition, tap into a wide range of topics including animals, weather, earth science and more. Plus, be sure to check out the lesson plans, activities, maps, photos, videos, and other interactives.

Science Friday

Skeleton of a dinosaur assembled at a museum.

You’ll find incredible podcasts on Science Friday, including the new “Science Diction,” which is perfect for word nerds! The “Educate” section gives you access to lessons that can be refined by grade level, duration, and subject. With activities like “Make Your Own Sauropod Poop!” and “A DIY Groundwater Model,” kids can gain valuable hands-on experience.

Studies Weekly Online

Tablet and newspapers that say "Analysis" and "Pathfinder"

Ready to set up your own virtual classroom? Studies Weekly allows you to create customized, standards-based curriculum using integrated learning strategies. These lesson plans are intended to increase student knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

The Stardust Mystery

Animated dinosaur chasing children -- National Geographic Education

Online learning games can really keep kids engaged while introducing them to new and (sometimes) challenging topics. The Stardust Mystery specializes in time-travel adventures that are as fun as they are educational. And, students will learn more about dinosaur extinction with “Mission: KT,” while “Building the Universe” will lead them through the events following the Big Bang. The site also offers literature, avatars, and science videos. This program is available for free during school closings. Request your free Product Key by emailing and referencing this article.

What science websites for elementary school students would you add to the list? Come share in our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. 

Plus, check out our HUGE list of science projects for K-8!

The Best Science Websites for Elementary School