Print magazines will always be a great screen-free addition to classrooms and homes. Nothing beats something new waiting in your mailbox to share with kids. Plus, it’s easy to save and store back issues to add to your classroom library and to pull articles to use as short text in your reading and writing lessons. Here are 24 teacher-approved, best magazines for kids of all ages, from old favorites to new gems.

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1. Highlights High Five, ages 3-6

Sample issue of Highlights High Five magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

This is our top choice for the best magazines for Pre-K and kindergarten kids. It has fun recurring features they can access independently (hooray for Hidden Pictures!), short stories and poems great for using for shared reading or as writing mentor texts, and awesome how-to directions for projects and recipes.

2. Ladybug, ages 2-6

Sample issue of Ladybug magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

Every page of Ladybug is beautiful, colorful, and a delight to read. Each issue is filled with charming characters, activities, songs, poems, and stories.

3.  National Geographic Little Kids(ages 2-6)

Sample issue of National Geographic Little Kids magazine as an example of best magazines for kdis

This is our favorite science and social studies magazine for early childhood kids. National Geographic’s signature photos draw kids in, and the content is great for a quick, engaging read-aloud or kids’ own browsing.

4. Humpty Dumpty, ages 3-5

Sample issue of Humpty Dumpty magazine

Humpty Dumpty has stories, poems, cartoons, puzzles, games, recipes and crafts are designed with an emergent reader in mind.

5. Ranger Rick Jr., ages 3-6

Sample issue of Ranger Rick Jr. magazine

Ranger Rick Jr. features fun activities, simple stories and wild animals that the little ones love. Ranger Rick Jr. draws preschoolers closer to nature and gets them ready to read. Youngsters will enjoy the seasonal crafts, simple cooking recipes, fun games, and more.

6. Click, ages 3-7

Sample issue of Click magazine

Click opens up a universe of wonder. This magazine is about the sciences, nature, and the environment.

7. Highlights for Children, ages 5-10

Sample issue of Highlights for Children magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

From science projects to puzzles and other fun games, Highlights for Children engages readers with content meant to stimulate creativity and critical thinking skills. Kids can also submit their own art and writing for consideration.

8. Spider, ages 6-9

Sample issue of Spider magazine

Spider is filled with stories, poems, articles, and illustrations from around the world for kids who are excited about reading on their own. It’s especially for those who have reached that amazing age when they first get excited about reading on their own.

9. ChickaDEE, ages 6-9

Sample issue of chickaDEE magazine

ChickaDEE is jam-packed full of interactive games, hands-on science experiments, amazing photos, illustrations and stories—all designed to educate and entertain.

10. Chop Chop, ages 4-12

Sample issue of Chop Chop magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

This is the best cooking magazine for foodie kids! Recipes, photos, and fun food-themed articles will ignite kids’ interest in healthy cooking and eating.

11. Jack and Jill, ages 6-10

Sample issue of Jack and Jill magazine

Jack and Jill keeps kids entertained with engaging stories, challenging games, colorful comics, kid-centered interviews, recipes and crafts. Readers are also encouraged to share their creativity by submitting their own stories, poems, articles, jokes and drawings for publication.

12. National Geographic Kids, ages 6-12

Sample issue for National Geographic Kids magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

While it’s more ad-heavy than the little kid version, this is a reliable favorite for elementary kiddos. Lots of high interest topics to wow readers—plus activities and jokes.

13. Zoobooks Magazine, ages 6-12

Sample issue of Zoobooks magazine

Filled with great animal pictures and informative articles, Zoobooks is a perfect zoological reference for children who love animals. Each issue is themed around a specific animal or group of animals, discussing habits and habitat in depth, so the reader gains a thorough understanding.

14. Ranger Rick, ages 7+

Sample issue of Ranger Rick magazine

Ranger Rick presents amazing facts, stunning photos and outdoor adventures that help kids sharpen reading skills and develop a deeper appreciation for nature.

15. Ask, ages 7-10

Sample issue of Ask magazine

This is one of the best magazines for curious, thoughtful kids. In-depth articles tackle kids’ big questions about art, inventions, science, and more. Readers can submit their questions for the magazine to answer (which would make an awesomely authentic writing activity in the classroom!)

16. Sports Illustrated Kids, ages 8-14

Sample issue of Sports Illustrated Kids magazine

Sports Illustrated Kids includes nutrition tips, information about up-and-coming young athletes, amazing artwork, and feature articles.

17. Bravery , ages 5-12

Illustration of Eugenie Clark on cover of Bravery Magazine

This magazine is a design masterpiece, with each issue centered on a strong female role model. The subscription is on the pricey side, but you’ll want to save every issue for years to come. “Companion Guides” are available as an add-on for any issue you especially love, giving you digital access (and the ability to print!) all activity pages, plus extra resources on the topic.

18. Animal Tales, ages 6-12

Sample issue of Animal Tales magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

Animal lovers will fawn over this magazine full of glossy, cute animal photos and stories that are both feel-good and informative.

19. Faces, ages 9-14

Sample issue of Faces magazine

Faces helps kids understand how people in other countries and cultures live. Each issue focuses on a different culture—from Jordan to the emerging Asian states—including stories about daily life, folk tales, history and traditions of the people and places.

20. Owl, ages 9-13

Sample issue of Owl magazine

If you’re looking for the best magazines for kids who love science, check out OWL. It offers fascinating articles and amazing facts about science. There are also quizzes, contests, and topics on everyday life. With breaking news stories and mind-boggling puzzles, it’s thought-provoking and entertaining.

21. New Moon Girls (8-14)

Same issue of New Moon Girls magazine as an example of best magazines for kids

Started by a mom of twin preteen girls, this magazine aims to inspire girls to be their authentic, resilient, empowered selves.

22. Cricket, ages 9-14

Sample issue of Cricket magazine

A classic choice! Cricket features stories, poems, puzzles, recipes, and science and nature articles.

23. The Week Junior, ages 9-14

Sample issue of The Week Junior magazine as an example of

This weekly publication is jam-packed full of current events and high-interest topics for kids. You’ll find tons of short text to use for instruction, too.

24. Muse Magazine, ages 9-14

sample issue of Muse magazine

Muse has amazing images, articles on space, information on genetics, and more.

What are your best magazines for kids? Share in the comments below.

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24 of the Best Magazines for Kids to Add to Your Classroom Library