Though not all teachers are lucky enough (or brave enough) to have classroom pets, we definitely admire those who do. Classroom pets are a great way to teach students responsibility, compassion, and science. We scoured Instagram to find some of the cutest and (subjectively) cuddliest classroom pets out there. Take a look!

1. This gecko must have broken out of the insurance business.

An adorable leopard gecko. Nbd. #leopardgecko #classroompet

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2. When pets are there to help you through the dog days of school.


3. Short visit, long ears.


4. Not to be confused with a #2 pencil.

Just saying good morning to Ol' Cyrus the stick bug. #phasmid #stickbug #classroompet #shadows

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5. A double dose of Guinea Pig.


6. Classroom pets like recess too.

This is Kamasi. He likes short walks to the playground and taking very long naps. He finished his final round of vaccines the other week, so he's slowly building his stamina so that his little legs can keep up with his big spirit. Even after that though, I'm sure he'll still plop himself down in front of the playground and wag his tail until kids say hello to him. He absolutely loves giving kids kisses and has a heart three times as large as he is. We're on our second level of puppy classes to learn grace and courtesy lessons to be around everyone big and small. But if you see him out and about, please do us a favor and say "hello." ?? …also we love supporting small business and local shops! Take a stroll down to visit @palomahayesvalley. Kamasi loves his new leather collar and has made a new friend in the very kind and generous owner. One day he'll also win over Buddy. ☺️#kamasiwabisabi

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7. A reading buddy (shown to scale).


8. You don’t have to be furry to be cute.


9. Snakes make for portable classroom pets.

Happy #WorldSnakeDay from Ridley and I! #snakelove #amel #cornsnake #classroompet

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10. This one might get some teachers jumping.


11. He’s a scientist.

He's called Charles Darwin, Chuck for short #beardeddragon #classroompet

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12. Hedging our bets you’ll love this one.


13. Much cuter in person.


14. Students love to dress up classroom pets.

Happy Halloween! Now where is my broomstick?

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15. Beta’s are an alpha choice for easy care.


16. That’s going to be a full house …


17. Straight off the motivational poster.

Monday got me like…. #fpwvet #ollie #catlife #petsintheclassroom #gingercat #chillin #catsbelike #mondaysbelike

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18. Classroom pets are truly in style.

Chase and Otis ?. #petsintheclassroom #beardeddragon #teachermom #generalEd #sped

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19. He is furry …

#rainydays make #trannythetarantula adventurous #tarantula #classroompet #kindergartenteacher

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20. A classroom pet that’s unlikely to escape.

#currentmood #turtle #? #?❤️ #classroompet

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21. Someone to call on when your students aren’t speaking.

Classroom visits. Need one of these friends for the classroom. #birb #parrot #classroompet

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22. It’s a special day when pets come to play.


23. Any teacher can handle a visiting pet.

DUTCHESS is a Dutch breed former pet bunny who now lives at Winterpast Farm petting zoo in Wake Forest NC. For the past two weeks she has been rented to a local childcare facility where she has been getting alot of attention from all the children. She will have lots of interesting stories to tell the other bunnies when she gets home to Winterpast Farm next week! Read more about our unique pet rental program at Winterpast Farm Schedule: CLOSED Thurs Feb 16 OPEN Fri Feb 17 from 12-5 OPEN Sat Feb 18 from 10-5 OPEN Sun Feb 19 from 12-5 OPEN Mon Feb 20 from 10-5 CLOSED Tues Feb 21 CLOSED Wed Feb 22 CLOSED Thurs Feb 23 OPEN Fri Feb 24 from 10-5 OPEN Sat Feb 25 from 10-5 OPEN Sun Feb 26 from 12-5 CLOSED Mon Feb 27 CLOSED Tues Feb 28 OPEN Wed March 1 from 10-5 CLOSED Thurs March 2 OPEN Fri March 3 from 10-5 OPEN Sat March 4 from 10-2 then closed for private Birthday party CLOSED Sun March 5 for Easter minisessions (will post sign up soon) If you want to visit Winterpast Farm and meet and feed and snuggle the animals please read "your visit" at to learn how to schedule your visit and what food you can bring to feed the animals. Thank you for supporting a small local farm. Follow the farm fun here at Instagram. #bunny #dutchbunny #dutchess #winterpastfarm #pettingzoo #wakeforestnc #petrental #rentarabbit #opentomorrow #classroompet #recycleexistingpets

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24. What a ham!

Met my new best friend Eleanor today ?? #classroompet #hammylove

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25. Watching classroom pets from birth doubles as a science lesson.


26. A classic option.


27. One little duck went out to play.


28. Peaches brightens up the room.


29. Rats! Classroom pets occasionally get in the way.


30. This classroom is hopping to it!

Mr frog ? #froggie #socute #classroompet #iwanttokeephim

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31. Can’t wait to read his essay.

Classroom pet (Poppy) #beardragon#classroompet#like4like

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32. This classroom pet is easy to capture.


33. Transforming before your eyes, just like your students!


34. Classroom pets get into carpet time too.

Can't forget the scale baby! #nationalpetday #classroompet #beardeddragon #happynationalpetday

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35. Puppy sitting is easier with extra help.


36. This gal is ready for her close-up.

Meet Willow! The newest Lower School ferret. #rstories17 #classroompet #ferret

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37. Sometimes the best parts of a classroom pet are the students’ name ideas.

Rescued Western Toad #classroompet They named him Mr. Chubby ?

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38. This is his good side.

Our classroom pet, home with me for the long weekend. Such a curious active dragon! #beardeddragon #classroompet #reptile

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Do you have a classroom pet? Bearded Dragons seem to be the winning choice these days. Tell us about your classroom pet in the comments!