10 Times Game of Thrones Totally Nailed BTS

It’s getting a little too Westerosi in here.

10 Times Back to School Prep Feels Like Game of Thrones

Winter is coming. Errr—the first day of school is coming. It’s hard to tell the difference when you’re a teacher in the midst of back to school prep. These Game of Thrones moments say it all.


When you walk into your classroom for the first time…


Back to school prep, I am here to slay you.


When planning your seating chart requires a war room, a map, and infinite Post-Its…

Pass the wine.


When you finally find the Dollar Spot with the 32 matching red bins…

I thought this moment would never come.


When you get a student added to your list after you’ve already labeled everything…


I guess I’ll start from the beginning.


When you’re trying to make eye contact with a teacher friend during in-service…

Let’s blow this Popsicle stand.


When you walk into the bookstore to stock up for your classroom library…

Books, books, glorious books.


When you’re trying to beat the rush for $0.10 notebooks…


Nothing is getting in my way.


When non-teachers ask why you spend so much of your own money on your classroom…


Because otherwise it would be four concrete walls and that’s it?


When you’re drop-dead exhausted after a day of rearranging desks and hanging bulletin boards…


They don’t pay me enough.


When you finally get a moment to catch up with your teacher friends….


We’re all going to kill our lessons this year.


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