6 Awesome Financial Literacy Activities From the Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab

The Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab is an amazing website designed especially for kids in elementary through high school.

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Looking for a fun, interactive way to introduce financial literacy concepts to your students? The Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab is an amazing website designed especially for kids in elementary through high school.

We love the engaging self-paced activities, each of which can be completed in about 30 minutes. Every activity features interactive video segments with time for independent reading and short quizzes. The videos are colorful, easy to follow, and nicely paced.

And the site is super easy to access and use. Just set up a free account with a simple log-in process, then go to “Launch Earn Your FutureTM Digital Lab.”

Here are six awesome activities to try:


LEVEL ONE is designed for students in grades 3-5, with activities that introduce students to the concepts of earning, spending, saving, and investing money.


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This course introduces students to the basics of making spending and saving decisions. Students learn the difference between needs and wants and the importance of setting priorities when it comes to spending. Students will also contemplate the reasons for saving, as well as the concepts of benefits, tradeoffs, and opportunity costs.

Activity #2  ROBOT GAMES

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Kids will love this entertaining module hosted by Kreditt, the friendly robot, as he tries to figure out which new gadgets to buy in order to win the robot games. Topics such as creating budgets, setting saving goals, and making informed spending decisions are explored.

LEVEL TWO is designed for students in grades 6-8. The activities explore personal finance and help students plan for their future and make smart decisions about money.

Activity #3  TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

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This module focuses on teaching kids how to be smart consumers. Students will examine the lure of advertising and the techniques used to make products look irresistible. They will learn how to research and evaluate the sources of product information. Topics such as comparison shopping, opportunity costs, and the factors that affect spending are also explored. 

Activity #4  CAN I AFFORD A PHONE?

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Hooking teens with a topic close to home, this module examines how budgets are used to help people manage their money. By tracking income, expenses and savings, students learn how to make wise decisions with their money.

LEVEL THREE is designed for students in grades 9-12. The activities prepare students for the future with a look into careers, home buying, the stock market and more.


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This module is an introduction to investing for teens. Students will learn about the different types of investments—from saving plans to stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more. Topics such as risk vs. reward, financial flexibility, and the reasons for investing your money at an early age are also explored.


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This module explores the factors that affect a person’s ability to get credit and the ways to build credit responsibly. Students will learn the importance of building and protecting a sound credit history. It also looks at the different agencies that produce credit reports, and how to read the reports.

The Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab was developed by the PwC Charitable Foundation to empower young minds with financial and economic knowledge. It’s a great way to introduce students to financial literacy concepts and keep them engaged, no matter their grade level.  Check it out today – it’s free!