Encouraging creativity is one of the most important things we can do for our kids. And since most of them love to paint, color, and draw, giving them gifts which allow them to express themselves makes us happy too. Here are some of the best art gifts for kids.

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Best Art Gifts for Kids Ages 5-7

1.Dot Markers

These markers fit perfectly in little hands and will provide your art-lover with hours of fun. They are washable, non-toxic and come with a bonus activity book to help your child learn about letters and numbers.

Real teacher review:As a teacher I’m always on the look out for quality not too expensive school supplies and all kids of things for crafts. Let’s just say this way a bingo! The students love it and they get to use as a reward. Glad I got it since it does motivates them to treat it with respect.”

2. “Low Mess Crafts For Kids” Book

You can love it when your kids get out the crafts, but not love the mess. Low-mess crafts for kids is full of easy to follow projects that will allow your kids to get their creative juices flowing sans the huge mess . An added bonus is many of the projects use things you already have lying around the house.

Real teacher review: “This book is amazing. I’m having lots of fun digging into it with my three-year-old and my young ESL students. The crafts really are low-mess. The pictures are beautiful, and the creations are fun.”

 3. “How To Draw 101 Animals” Book

Learning to draw recognizable animals will make your child feel empowered and satisfied. A great book with lots of pictures and step by step instructions will help improve their concentration skills and keep their mind occupied for hours.

Real teacher review: “The easy to follow directions and step by step process made it easy for my first grade students to create their pictures.”

 4. Crayola Washable Finger Paints

All you need is lots of paper and you can let your kids make a master piece without worrying about staining a thing. These Crayola paints are non-toxic and come in squeezable bottles with flip top caps to keep spills to a minimum.

Real teacher review: “These are very good, vibrant finger-paints. I am a preschool teacher so I am well versed in finger-paint. They are a good consistency (not too thick, not too runny) and they washed off of my students hands easily without staining.”

5. 3D Texture Paint Brushes

Spice up painting with these texturized brushes. They are easy to clean and have easy grip handles for hours of creating.

Real teacher review: “I got these for my kindergarten classroom and they were an absolute hit. The kids were so happy with their ‘stars’ and ‘flowers’ and experimented by twirling the brushes around and sliding them across the paper.”

Best Art Gifts for Kids Ages 8-10

 1. Fantastic Spinner

Your kids can make amazing art with this spinning kit—no batteries required. They can create one of a kind cards and pictures. It’s so fun, you may want to join in the painting.

Real teacher review:Have used it several times with my students. They love it. Easy to do and great fun.”

2. String Art Kit


String art is all the rage. Making a masterpiece doesn’t have to be messy. A string art kit is a great way to sharpen hand-eye coordination and let your kids get creative with a medium besides paint or markers. The canvases allow for easy hanging when they are done.

Real teacher review: “My students love playing with these. I usually buy a few at the beginning of the school year and they make great indoor recess projects, or I save them as a prize if we are running a reading contest.”

3. I Am Confident Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book For Girls

This coloring book is a #1 best-seller which not only promotes creativity with twenty-two pages to color, it opens the door to have empowering conversations with our girls about self confidence and what it really means to be beautiful and brave.

Real teacher review: “This is great to have in my classroom. Girls in elementary school need to start learning about confidence in a different way than I did as a child growing up in the ’80s. There are many great conversation starters.”

4. How To Draw Cool Things

Your child will so satisfied when they see their drawing jump off the page and come to life. This book will show them how to draw cartoons, 3-D shapes, and take their drawing to the next level while building confidence.

Real teacher review:It was a fun and overall a great book! My students loved practicing the impossible drawings and the roll drawings!”

5.Made By Me Window Art

You’ll get your money’s worth with this kit—it comes with 20 projects and when you child is done they’ll have a stunning light-catcher to hang in the window.

Real teacher review: “I used this in my third grade classroom for a project. Each students made one, they were really easy, and looked great when finished. Note they do take a few days to dry though.

Best Art Gifts For Kids Ages 11-13

1.Sketch And Drawing Pencil Kit

Best Art Gifts for Kids, As Chosen by Teachers - WeAreTeachers

This inexpensive kit will provide your young artist with all the professional tools they need to make simple sketches, or elaborate drawings.

Real teacher review:If you are looking for a good set of pencils and other drawing materials, as I former art teacher, I would recommend this set. It has more than enough drawing tools and in the appropriate types. The drawing pencils are very good for any types of drawing from very fine mechanical type drawing to sketching.”

2. Artify Marker Set

Best Art Gifts for Kids, As Chosen by Teachers - WeAreTeachers

These alcohol-based markers allow for precise lines. The kit comes with forty colors, and you can even create your own shades by blending in the white marker.

Real teacher review: “I purchased two sets for my junior high art class and my students love them. You can blend to make your own colors and my students enjoy doing that just as much as they like drawing with them.”

3. Lightweight Easel With Bag

Best Art Gifts for Kids, As Chosen by Teachers - WeAreTeachers

Your budding artist will feel like a pro with this lightweight easel that comes with a bag for easy travel and storage. It can stand on a tabletop on the ground to adjust to your child’s creativity needs.

Real teacher review:Love it! Compact, easy to assemble, light weighted. Use it for my mobile art school and all my students like these easels.”

4.  Oil Pastels

Best Art Gifts for Kids, As Chosen by Teachers - WeAreTeachers

Pastels are a great alternative to colored pencils and paint. They can be blended to make one of a kind shades. This gift box comes with fifty colors which can be used on paper or canvas.

Real teacher review:I use this pastel set in the classroom at least 2-4 times a month. The pastels never look used and don’t break (so far). Not one has broke yet. They are nice pieces sized about 3 inches each and narrow which is easy for little hands to manipulate. There is plenty of colors to do most every project.”

5. “Manga For The Beginner” Book

Best Art Gifts for Kids, As Chosen by Teachers - WeAreTeachers

So many teens and tweens are into drawing Manga characters and Christopher Hart’s books come highly recommended. They come with step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Your child is sure to be proud of their Manga drawings when following this book.

Real teacher review:Christopher Hart is a genius, he integrates art education with Manga technique. I’m an art teacher and tutor and I gave this one to my student as an incentive prize. He loves it!”

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The Best Gifts For Artsy Kids, As Chosen By Teachers