The Best Art Gifts for Kids, as Chosen by Teachers

Encourage creativity with these delightful picks.

Examples of art gifts including a box of window art and a rock painting kit.
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Encouraging creativity is one of the most important things we can do for our kids. Regardless of whether a kid considers themselves an artist (and they should!), there are a wide variety of kits and artistic mediums to explore. Most kids love to paint, color, and draw, and giving them gifts that allow them to express themselves makes us happy too! Here are some of the best art gifts for kids.

Best Art Gifts for Kids Ages 5–7

1. Dot Markers

Several dot markers are shown with brightly colored tips in this example of art gifts for kids.

These markers fit perfectly in little hands and will provide your art lover with hours of fun. They are washable, nontoxic, and come with a bonus activity book to help your child learn about letters and numbers.

Real teacher review: “As a teacher, I’m always on the lookout for quality, not-too-expensive school supplies and all kinds of things for crafts. Let’s just say this was a bingo! The students love it, and they get to use it as a reward. Glad I got it since it does motivate them to treat it with respect.”

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2.  Low-Mess Crafts for Kids by Debbie Chapman

Art gifts for kids include this box which says Low-Mess Crafts for Kids with a sock puppet and some other crafts featured on it.

This helpful book is full of easy-to-follow projects that will allow your kids to get their creative juices flowing without making a huge mess. Added bonus: Many of the projects use things you already have lying around the house!


Real teacher review: “This book is amazing. I’m having lots of fun digging into it with my 3-year-old and my young ESL students. The crafts really are low-mess. The pictures are beautiful, and the creations are fun.”

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 3.  How To Draw 101 Animals  by Dan Green

A book says How to Draw 101 Animals and has a grid with different animals in each square in this example of art gifts for kids.

Learning to draw recognizable animals will make your child feel empowered and satisfied. This is a great guide with lots of pictures and detailed instructions that will help improve kids’ concentration skills and keep their minds occupied for hours.

Real teacher review: “The easy-to-follow directions and step-by-step process made it easy for my first grade students to create their pictures.”

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 4. Crayola Washable Finger Paints

art gifts for kids include these bottles of different colored finger paints.

Grab some paper and let your kids create a masterpiece without worrying about staining a thing. These Crayola paints are nontoxic and come in squeezable bottles with flip-top caps to keep spills to a minimum.

Real teacher review: “These are very good, vibrant finger paints. I am a preschool teacher, so I am well versed in finger paint. They are a good consistency (not too thick, not too runny), and they washed off of my students’ hands easily without staining.”

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5. 3D Texture Paintbrushes

Different paintbrushes and rollers are shown in this example of art gifts for kids.

Add new dimension to painting projects with these texturized brushes. They are easy to clean and have easy-grip handles for hours of creating.

Real teacher review: “I got these for my kindergarten classroom, and they were an absolute hit. The kids were so happy with their ‘stars’ and ‘flowers’ and experimented by twirling the brushes around and sliding them across the paper.”

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6. Rock Painting Kit

Art gifts for kids include this rock painting kit. the box features rocks painted as different things including a face, house, etc.

This rock-painting kit comes with standard and metallic paints, art transfers, googly eyes, gems, and much more. Rocks included!

Real teacher review: “This was fun for my class. There are 10 small rocks, 12 paints, stickers, glitter glue, googly eyes, paintbrushes, a sponge, and gems in this kit … everything you need for 10 children to have craft time. They will have to share and take turns because there are only 2 paintbrushes and 1 sponge unless you have more somewhere.”

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7. Color by Numbers: Vehicles

A book says color by numbers and has a picture of an airplane and truck on it.

Color- and paint-by-number books are the perfect art gifts for kids since they help reinforce color and number recognition. Little ones will certainly feel proud of their finished product!

Real user review: “Beautiful pictures of vehicles for him to color by number.”

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8. Wooden Stamp Set

A wooden box features a stamp pad and a wide variety of wooden stamps.

Little ones love using animals in their artwork but typically aren’t ready to draw realistic versions just yet. This stamp set allows them to experiment with stamps and ink pads while also adding a wide variety of animals to their drawings.

Real teacher review: “I have been using stamps for homeschool for about 3 years, and it was time to get some new stamps. I decided on this one because it had quite the variety and I thought it looked like fun. My kids, 8, 7, and 6 years old, all love them.”

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9. Pom-Pom Art Set

Circles with different sea life on them have holes cut in them for pom poms to be inserted to decorate them.

This kit is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers since they will likely be able to complete the cute sea-life pictures with very little assistance. We also love that it is relatively mess-free.

Real user review: “I like the National Geographic brand and, like most parents, am always looking for a fun activity to occupy my son, so this product quickly caught my eye. My son was excited to complete it and was able to do it with no help, a definite bonus!”

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10. Drawing Tablet

A pink unicorn board has a black screen and a writing utensil attached.

This LCD tablet is perfect for even the littlest artists and can be taken anywhere, even in the car! We think the best art gifts for kids provide a fun and creative alternative to electronics.

Real user review: “As a parent, nurturing your child’s creativity is a top priority. My journey with the LCD Drawing Writing Tablet has been nothing short of a revelation, providing a canvas for my daughter’s imagination and making our home a hub of colorful, eco-friendly artistry.”

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Best Art Gifts for Kids Ages 8–10

 1. Amazing Art Spinner

Art gifts for kids include this art spinner. A hand is shown dropping paint onto a purple device that spins.

Your kids can make amazing art with this spinning kit—no batteries required. They can also create one-of-a-kind cards and pictures. It’s so fun, you may want to join in!

Real teacher review: “Have used it several times with my students. They love it. Easy to do and great fun.”

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2. String Art Kit

Art gifts for kids include this box that says String Art Fun on it and has a bird sitting on a branch that is created from string.

A string art kit is a great way to sharpen hand-eye coordination and let your kids get creative with a medium other than paint or markers. The canvases allow for easy hanging when they are done.

Real teacher review: “My students love playing with these. I usually buy a few at the beginning of the school year, and they make great indoor recess projects, or I save them as a prize if we are running a reading contest.”

Buy it: String Art Kit at Amazon

3. I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

A book cover says I am Confident, Brave, & Beautiful in this example of art gifts for kids.

This coloring book is a #1 bestseller for a reason. It not only promotes creativity with 22 pages to color, but it opens the door to have empowering conversations with our girls about self-confidence and what it really means to be beautiful and brave.

Real teacher review: “This is great to have in my classroom. Girls in elementary school need to start learning about confidence in a different way than I did as a child growing up in the ’80s. There are many great conversation starters.”

Buy it: I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls at Amazon

4. How To Draw Cool Things by Rachel Goldstein

A book cover has various cartoon objects on it.

This book shows kids how to draw cartoons and 3D shapes and take their drawing to the next level while building confidence. Your child will feel so satisfied when they see their drawing jump off the page and come to life.

Real teacher review: “It was a fun and overall great book! My students loved practicing the impossible drawings and the roll drawings!”

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5. Made by Me! Window Art

A box says Window Art and features plastic pieces in the shapes of butterflies, rainbows, etc. Paints are also shown.

You’ll get your money’s worth with this kit since it comes with 20 projects. When your students are finished, you’ll have stunning light-catchers to hang in the window.

Real teacher review: “I used this in my third grade classroom for a project. Each student made one, and they were really easy and looked great when finished. Note they do take a few days to dry, though.”

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6. Marbling Paint Art Kit

A try has paint swirled in it and a stick is dipped into it.

Marbling paint is a unique experience that many kids will love. Colorful pigments are used to “draw” patterns on water and get transferred to a surface with strong water absorption, such as paper, wood, cloth, and even plaster!

Real review: “A very fun activity for kids and adults. Less mess than acrylic pouring. Wish there was more paper included. Tips for the solution: Use hands to melt it, and then it’s ready. You don’t need to wait for 12 hours.”

Buy it: Marbling Paint Art at Amazon

7. Children’s Art Portfolio

A large portfolio has bright drawings on the front and many folders inside to hold artworks. A little girl is seen looking through it.

Storing all of the masterpieces the little artists in your life create can prove challenging, but we think this portfolio provides the perfect solution.

Real teacher review: “Love these portfolios! This is exactly what I was looking for to organize and store all of my kids’ artwork. They are the perfect size to hold even oversized projects. I love that the outside is sturdy and the inside has dividers and stretches to fit lots of artwork.”

Buy it: HearthSong Art Portfolio at Amazon

8. Tie-Dye Kit

A tie-dye shirt is shown in addition to a wide variety of bottles of colored dye.

Upper-elementary school to middle school kids love to tie-dye their own shirts, so why not gift them this fun kit? You can even use this set to hold a tie-dye party, but be aware that a mess could ensue!

Real user review: “Hard to beat the value of 4 shirts for 30 bucks, and the experience was very fun, made an evening out of it. Easy process, good product, came with everything you need. Highly recommend.”

Buy it: Tie-Dye Kit at Amazon

9. 3D Printing Pen

An animal is shown created from thin plastic threads. A hand is shown pointing a pen toward it.

3D printing is becoming bigger and bigger, and with this cool and affordable 3D pen, anyone can get in on the fun! While it is perfect developmentally for this age group to use on their own, you will want to remind them that it gets hot!

Real user review: “Overall very easy to use and good quality. Bought for my 5-year-old, who is still learning to use this but really enjoys it. The tip of the pen can get very hot so adult supervision required! Well worth it!”

Buy it: SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen at Amazon

10. Make Your Own Fridge Magnets

A box says Fridge Magnets and features different child drawn magnets including a sun, a bear, and a fish.

We love art gifts for kids that can turn around and be given as gifts themselves! Kids will enjoy creating magnets to give as gifts, and the recipients will certainly enjoy displaying them on their fridge!

Real user review: “Bought this as a project for my 3rd grader … she loved it and so did her 7th grade cousin. … Came with everything you need, was easy to set up, make a few magnets in an hour, clean up and put away until next time.”

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Best Art Gifts for Kids Ages 11–13

1. Sketch and Drawing Pencil Kit

pencils, charcoal, a pencil sharpener, and erasers are shown.

This inexpensive kit will provide your young artist with all the professional tools they need to make simple sketches or elaborate drawings. The best art gifts for kids in upper grades should include some materials that they may not have used before, and with a blender and different types of erasers, this one does just that.

Real teacher review: “If you are looking for a good set of pencils and other drawing materials, as a former art teacher I would recommend this set. It has more than enough drawing tools and in the appropriate types. The drawing pencils are very good for any type of drawing, from very fine mechanical-type drawing to sketching.”

Buy it: Sketch and Drawing Pencil Kit at Amazon

2. Artify Marker Set

A box of markers is shown.

These alcohol-based markers allow for precise lines. The kit comes with 40 colors, and kids can even create their own shades by blending with the white marker. Be aware, however, that you want to use a heavier-weight paper so the markers don’t bleed through.

Real teacher review: “I purchased two sets for my junior high art class, and my students love them. You can blend them to make your own colors, and my students enjoy doing that just as much as they like drawing with them.”

Buy it: Artify Marker Set at Amazon

3. Lightweight Easel With Bag

A few art easels are shown.

Your budding artist will feel like a pro with this lightweight easel that comes with a bag for easy travel and storage. It can stand on a tabletop or on the ground to adjust to kids’ creativity needs.

Real teacher review: “Love it! Compact, easy to assemble, lightweight. Use it for my mobile art school, and all my students like these easels.”

Buy it: Lightweight Easel With Bag at Amazon

4. Oil Pastels

A box of oil pastels is shown with the lid off in this example of art gifts for kids.

Pastels are a great alternative to colored pencils and paint. They can be blended to make one-of-a-kind shades. This gift box comes with 50 colors that can be used on paper or canvas.

Real teacher review: “I use this pastel set in the classroom at least 2 to 4 times a month. The pastels never look used and don’t break (so far). They are nice-sized pieces, about 3 inches each and narrow, which is easy for little hands to manipulate. There are plenty of colors to do most every project.”

Buy it: Oil Pastels at Amazon

5. Manga for the Beginner by Christopher Hart

A book cover says Manga for the Beginner and has a half drawing of a cartoon girl's face on it.

So many teens and tweens are into drawing manga characters, and Christopher Hart’s books come highly recommended. He provides step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Your kids are sure to be proud of their manga drawings when following this book.

Real teacher review: “Christopher Hart is a genius; he integrates art education with manga technique. I’m an art teacher and tutor, and I gave this one to my student as an incentive prize. He loves it!”

Buy it: Manga for the Beginner at Amazon

6. How To Draw Cool Stuff by Catherine V. Holmes

A book cover says How to Draw Cool Stuff

This drawing guide is designed for both teachers and students, providing a great opportunity to collaborate and create in the classroom.

Real teacher review: “I love the author’s belief about her students! And these are fabulous art exercises that I will use for my classes!”

Buy it: How To Draw Cool Stuff at Amazon

7. Lap Desk/Easel

A wooden lap desk is opened to reveal storage underneath

This wooden lap desk will hold art supplies while also providing a nice flat surface to draw on anywhere! We especially love how sophisticated it looks.

Real user review: “This is a sturdy, solid lap desk, very attractive and indeed rather elegant. I chose it over other lap desks because of the storage compartment that is under the desk itself.”

Buy it: Acacia Wood Lap Desk at Amazon

8. Watercolor Paint Set

A teal tin contains many different colored watercolor squares in this example of art gifts for kids.

In addition to having 48 shades of watercolor paint to choose from, this set also comes with a pretty tin case that makes it easy to take on the go. The brush fills with water so students just need to dip it into the watercolor paint swab of their choice.

Real user review: “Comes with watercolor cards, water brush, paintbrush, black fine-liner, and a swatch card … perfect compact watercolor set for travel. The colors are so pretty and vibrant and they lay down smoothly on paper.”

Buy it: Watercolor Paint Set at Amazon

9. Moleskin Sketchbook

A black sketchbook is shown in this example of art gifts for kids.

Every budding artist needs a good-quality sketchbook to keep with them so they can sketch things as inspiration strikes! We especially love that these high-quality sketchbooks have thick pages to reduce bleed-through.

Real user review: “It’s just the greatest drawing/sketch book ever! I have all different sizes!”

Buy it: Moleskin Sketchbook at Amazon

10. Art Dice

An orange container says Art Dice on it. There are large different colored dice that have different objects, words, and colors written on the sides of them.

These dice would make for the perfect gift for any artist who might be struggling with finding inspiration. They also make for a fun class project. Kids will wait with anticipation to see what they will be drawing and with what materials.

Real user review: “I love these dice. There is a large range of combinations to use that makes it perfect for ideas, especially if you get art block! These work very well for me, and I think they would make excellent gifts for art teachers or fellow artists.”

Buy it: Art Dice at Amazon

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