20 Inspiring April Bulletin Boards for Classrooms

National Poetry Month, Earth Day, Shakespeare’s birthday, and more!

April Bulletin Boards

The right bulletin board sets the tone in a classroom. When you’re already doing so much, though, it can be hard to come up with good ideas for a bulletin board refresh. Fortunately, teachers love to share! We’ve found some of the best, most inspiring April bulletin boards to help you transform your space. Whether you want to focus on Financial Literacy Month, National Poetry Month, Earth Day, Shakespeare’s birthday, Autism Awareness Month, or even the spring season, there should be something for everyone!

Want the cheeriest of spring bulletin boards? Here are some basic supplies to get you started. Then check out the list of 20 bulletin boards and doors below for inspiration.

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1. The ABC’s of Saving Money

ABCs money April bulletin board

April is Financial Literacy Month! Get your students learning tips about saving money with this fun, interactive bulletin board.

Source: University of Nebraska – Lincoln Housing



2. Everyday Earth Day

Earth Day bulletin board ideas

Earth Day is April 22nd. This adorable April bulletin board features student self portraits around a globe.

Source: @msquimbyreads

3. Ways To Take Care of the Earth

Earth Day Bulletin Board

This interactive board wins for our favorite April bulletin board! QR codes and the beautiful tissue paper globe help usher in Earth Day.

Source: Fictional Stories in Science

4. Love Our Earth

Showcase your recycling with this newspaper background!

Source: Organized Classroom

5. Life is Not Waiting for the Storm to Pass … It’s Learning to Dance in the Rain

Learn to dance in the rain bulletin board

This bright hallway bulletin board features student art projects for all to see.

Source: @alexandra_rose7

6. Figurative Language & Poetry

Poetry Month bulletin board

Showcase student poetry during National Poetry Month.

Source: @littleyellowclassroom

7. Please Pick a Poem For Your Pocket

Poem for your pocket April bulletin board

Have your students pick their favorite poems to carry around with them … and even share with family and friends.

Source: Hanging Laundry on the Line

8. Push Pin Poetry

Push Pin Poetry April bulletin board

We love this bulletin board take on magnetic poetry. Print vocabulary words and let your students rearrange them into poems!

Source: ResLife Crafts

9. Recycle, Reuse

Recycle reuse bulletin board idea for classroom

This teacher provides directed drawing activities and then pairs them with a bulletin board display!

Source: @coffeefueledclassroom

10. Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball theme bulletin board

Celebrate spring training with a baseball-themed bulletin board.

Source: @amonte24

11. We Love Our Earth

Love our earth bulletin board

We love the writing and artwork featured on this Earth Day board.

Source: @_boldandbeautiful_

12. Shakespeare Quotes

Shakespeare bulletin board ideas

Shakespeare’s birthday is the perfect time to showcase famous quotes and his plays.

Source: @pawesterhof

13. Things We Say Today That We Owe to Shakespeare

Shakespeare bulletin board April

Words and phrases that celebrate The Bard.

Source: Melissa Collins

14. Autism Awareness is Blooming

Autism Awareness Month April bulletin board

April is Autism Awareness Month, and we love this bulletin board featuring flowers and student photos.

Source: Jordan Thomson

15. A.U.T.I.S.M

Autism Awareness bulletin board idea

Another great bulletin board or door for Autism Awareness.

Source: @teachingzoo

16. We “Bee”lieve We’ll Do Well

Positive thinking bulletin board

Get your students ready for testing with this inspirational bulletin board.

Source: @caffeine.teach.sleep.repeat

17. When It Rains

Embrace the rain bulletin board

Embrace the rain with this bulletin board featuring second grade writing.

Source: @2nd_teaching

18. Rain or Shine, We Learn All the Time!

Love learning bulletin board

Wishing for warm weather with this adorable spring bulletin board.

Source: @abcswithmrs.abel

19. April Showers Bring May Flowers

April bulletin boards growth mindset theme

This adorable bulletin board features student handprints and photos along with a paper chain rainbow!

Source: @mrs.jowilliams

20. Our Classroom is in Full Bloom

April bulletin boards spring flowers

Decorate the bulletin board with fun flower cutouts. Get students involved and turn it into an arts and crafts project.

Source: @happy_days_in_prek

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20 Inspiring April Bulletin Boards for Classrooms