35 Apple Music Playlists for the Classroom

From Disney to KIDZ Bop and much more!

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Whether you’re in the classroom or teaching virtually, music is a powerful tool for helping students feel more at ease as they work. The hard part, though, is finding time to put together the right songs! We know you’re busy, so we’ve done the research for you. Check out these top 35 Apple Music Playlists for the classroom that you can start enjoying right now! We’ve grouped them together by educational playlists, instrumental playlists, tunes for year-round, favorite characters, playlists from around the world, and holiday playlists.

Educational Playlists

Learning from Home: Educational Songs

Your students will love singing along to classics like “This Old Man,” “The Ants Go Marching,” and “B-I-N-G-O.”

Imagination Songs for Kids

Inspire students to use their imagination with songs like “I’m a Bird, I’m a Bird,” “Robot Dance,” and “Going on a Treasure Hunt.”

Number Fun!

Whether it’s counting up, counting down, three blind mice, or seven rings, this playlist deserves a big high five.

Preschool Circle Time Songs

Gather round (even if you’re virtual!) for classic tunes like “Alice the Camel,” “Farmer in the Dell,” and “Green Grass Grows All Around.”

Instrumental Playlists



Whether they’re derived from jazz, funk, soul, or ambient music, these chill hip-hop beats from around the world provide a soothing soundtrack for breezing through study sessions.

The ChargED Up Classroom Playlist

This playlist of beats and instrumentals will bring some energy to your classroom!

Classical Kids

This playlist is designed as a children’s introduction to the wondrous, beautiful world of classical music, from the classical era to the contemporary.

Imagination Meditation for Kids

This Apple Music playlist for the classroom is perfect for those moments when we need a little rest and relaxation.

Piano in the Classroom

This playlist contains instrumental music intended to unlock creativity, soothe anxiety, and boost concentration.

Study Beats

These downtempo grooves are excellent mood-setters; they also happen to make wonderful study aides.

Tunes For All Year

Back to School

Here’s a playlist of study-friendly pop tunes to help make getting back into school (even after winter break) mode just a little easier. To keep kids focused and upset, Apple Music updates the list with fresh music throughout the year!

Family Pop

This regularly updated playlist features the absolute best pop chartbusters that are perfect for the whole family.

Kids Dance Party

This set of upbeat party songs that includes favorites from Sesame Street, KIDZ BOP, Disney, and classic pop offerings, is regularly updated.

KIDZ BOP Party Playlist!

Kids cover popular songs including “Uptown Funk,” “Shake It Off,” and “Gangnam Style.”

Social Distancing Social Club

A big chorus can make people feel closer together … like we’re all experiencing the same emotion at the same time—even if we’re miles apart.

They Might Be Giants Kids Essentials

Whether exploring the alphabet, celebrating science, or just loving the weirdness of the world, this is a fun and educational playlist!

Favorite Characters

Alvin & The Chipmunks Essentials

Alvin, Simon, and Theodore perform high energy covers of songs by Lady Gaga, LMFAO, and Sister Sledge, as well as their own material.

Best of Star Wars

May the Force be with you (and your students!) as you enjoy all of the iconic Star Wars music—in one playlist.

Disney Essentials

Disney classics sung by legendary performers populate this Apple Music playlist for the classroom. Your students will want to hear it again and again!

Disney Junior Hits

Discover magical storytelling through music with this Apple Music playlist in your classroom!

Disney Pixar Hits

Enjoy favorite songs from Pixar greats like Toy Story, Coco, Monster’s Inc., Up, Finding Nemo, Cars, and many more!

Marvel Music

Go inside the Marvel films and TV shows you and your students love with scores by Chistophe Beck, Alan Silvestri, and many more.

The Muppets Essentials

From the zany, ragtime-inspired opening theme to The Muppet Show to the immortal “Mah Na Mah Na,” this is one of the most fun (and nostalgic) Apple Music playlists for the classroom.

Nickelodeon Essentials

From pop-punky PAW Patrol jingles to the irreverent ditties in the Spongebob Squarepants songbook, this playlist is for everyone.

Peanuts Essentials

Revisit these classic Peanuts tunes from the Vince Guaraldi Trio and more.

Sesame Street: All-Time Favorites 1

Take a musical stroll down Sesame Street with beloved songs such as “Rubber Duckie,” “The People in Your Neighborhood,” and “‘C’ is for Cookie.”

The Wiggles Essentials

Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog, and Captain Feathersword are among the characters that come to life in these dance hits that will inspire you to shake, shimmy, and wiggle!

From Around the World

Brazilian Music for Children

Brazil’s favorite artists present a bright and colorful collection of children’s music that brings together recent gems and all-time classics from the South American country.

In the Classroom: Lieder

Students will explore German Lieder in the 19th century, focusing on Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, Strauss, and Mahler.

Music from Studio Ghibli

Music from Japan’s famed Studio Ghibli includes tracks such as Spirited Away’s stirring folk-ballad centerpiece, “Always With Me.”

Para los Niños

Whether your students already speak Spanish or you’re just hoping to expose them to some new sounds, this collection of songs in a range of styles keeps things lighthearted and fun.

Raffi Essentials

Your students will remember his silly-but-gentle sing-alongs for the rest of their lives.

Holiday Playlists

Hoppy Easter

Your students will absolutely love these renditions of “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” “Baby Shark,” and “Do your Ears Hang Low?” among many others!

Halloween Fun!

This playlist contains songs that are appropriate for mini-monsters and wee witches!

Happy Hanukkah Party for Kids

Celebrate the festival of lights with songs performed in English and Hebrew for Hanukkah.

Children’s Christmas

Featuring classic wintry songs from pop legends, show tunes from beloved holiday films, and cameos from the kids’ favorite cartoon characters, this playlist will bring cheer to your classroom.

Holiday Piggyback Songs

Introduce your students to these new songs sung to childhood favorites including “Kwanzaa’s Here,” “Hanukkah, Hanukkah,” “Chinese New Year,” and “This is Christmas Time.”

Disclaimer: Many of these Apple Music playlists for the classroom are updated regularly. Please listen and review the lists before sharing with students. 

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35 Apple Music Playlists for the Classroom