10 Awesome Ideas for Anchor Chart Organization and Storage

All the best ways to corral your charts.

Six separate images of anchor chart organization ideas using hangers.

Anchor charts have become a staple in many classrooms, and for good reason. Teachers use these colorful tools to introduce a topic, then hang them around the room for students to reference later. It’s easy to accumulate a lot of them, so we’ve rounded up some of the best anchor chart organization and storage ideas to keep your classroom looking sharp. You’re bound to find one that works for you!

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1. Color-code them in a storage bin

Anchor Chart Organization Teaching With a Mountain View

Anchor chart organization can be as simple as rolling them up and storing them in a tall bin. If you do, be sure to label them so you can easily find the ones you need later on. Try color-coding labels by subject for an extra time-saving boost.

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2. Pick up some clip hangers

This is probably one of the most popular anchor chart organization tricks out there, and it’s pure genius. These hangers can hold multiple charts at a time. When you’re ready to use one, simply take the hanger out of storage and hang it from a hook on the classroom wall! (We like this 12-pack of sturdy 14″ hangers from Amazon.)


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3. Store anchor charts on waterfall hooks

Anchor Chart Organization Cassie Dahl Teaching & Technology

Take inspiration from your favorite boutique and invest in some waterfall hooks. These hold multiple hangers’ worth of anchor charts at a time but make it easy to pull out the ones you need. (Amazon sells the waterfall hooks shown here.)

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4. You can also use a clothes rack

Anchor Chart Organization IKEA Teacher

If you happen to have an empty closet with a rod, hang your charts there. If not, a clothes rack makes a great anchor chart organization and storage space! This basic rolling model has a shelf at the bottom for extra storage.

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5. Love to DIY? Make your own anchor chart rack

If you’re handy, you can put together your own anchor chart rack using PVC pipe. This way, you can customize it to the exact size you need. Get the full (and easy!) how-to at the link.

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6. Try tiered pants hangers

Anchor Chart Organization 360 Little Bits

Kick things up a notch with tiered pants hangers. These let you store a large number of charts in a small space, while keeping them flat and tidy. Grab a 3-pack of five-tier clip hangers here.

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7. Combine binder rings with plastic hangers

If you’ve already got a huge supply of plastic hangers on hand, pick up a box of binder rings and you’ve got a low-cost anchor chart organization solution! We love how these are labeled at the top by subject to make them easy to find.

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8. Suspend them from a magnetic curtain rod

Anchor Chart Organization Teach Create Motivate

This is a cool idea for both displaying and storing your charts. Magnetic curtain rods are inexpensive and work on most whiteboards, as well as filing cabinets or even metal doors! (Find the rod shown here.)

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9. Prop a curtain rod on adhesive hooks

If you like the rod idea but don’t have a good place for a magnetic version, try this clever solution! Sticky-backed hooks can hang just about anywhere. Prop a basic curtain rod across two of them, or use a plain wooden dowel rod for an even more cost-effective option.

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10. Invest in poster storage bags

If you’d like to give your charts a little extra protection (especially if they’re not laminated), these poster storage bags are the way to go. Each one will hold plenty of anchor charts, and you can store them flat or hang them by their handles. Get a 3-pack of large poster storage bags here.

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10 Awesome Ideas for Anchor Chart Organization and Storage