How I Teach Map Skills Through Amusement Park Design

Invite kids to design an amusement park with this fun lesson idea.

How I Teach Map Skills Through Amusement Park Design

For this cross-curricular activity, my students investigate the parts of a map by creating an amusement park. After they create their map, they do a detailed drawing and write about one of their ride designs. Then they design an all access park pass.

What you need:

  • Amusement Park Printable (below)
  • Pencils
  • Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  • Large white construction paper
  • Glue and scissors (if symbols are designed on the computer)

Step-by-step directions:

1. Name Your Park: The name of your park should be on your map, as well as your logo.
2. Rides: Plan seven ride ideas. One ride needs to be original and your park’s main attraction.
3. Park Facilities: Think about the location for each facility, easy access. Criteria: three bathrooms (one symbol), two restaurants and three food vendors.
4. Map Components: Create symbols or color representations for the following park components: rides and facilities, Compass Rose (North, South, East, West) and Scale: 1 inch = 75 meters (scale is optional: depending on grade level).

Students can draw or design symbols on the computer. They must problem-solve and think about the scale of their rides and facilities. How much space will they take up? Encourage students to look at other maps online to help them brainstorm ideas.

Writing extension:

Students create a detailed version of one of their park’s rides on construction paper.

Students think and write about the following:

  • Who is this ride targeted at: children, adolescents, adults or all?
  • What makes this ride more unique than other rides?
  • What does your ride do?
  • Is it scary?
  • How tall do you have to be to ride it?

Design a park pass :

I also like to have students design an all-access pass (draw it or on create it on the computer). They must think about the dimensions of their pass. Do you wear it on your neck? Will it easily fit inside a wallet? Can you scan it on a smart phone? They must include their logo design (park name) on the pass.


When students are finished, they present their park to their peers. Teachers can choose to make this a group collaboration or independent project, depending on the level of their students and time permitted to construct the project.

Click here for the free printable: Amusement Park Design